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Destiny 2 Beginner’s Guide: What you need to know if you skipped Destiny 1

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We break down what Bungie’s shooter-RPG is all about

If you missed out on the first Destiny, but find yourself filled with an inexplicable curiosity about its upcoming sequel, have we got the video for you. Posted above is a basic beginner’s guide to what this series is all about, breaking down the different classes, weapons and in-game activities Destiny is known for.

If you played the first Destiny, there’s probably going to be nothing new for you about Destiny 2 here — you can learn more from our hands-on previews of the new EDZ Patrol area, or of the slices of content present in the PC Beta from earlier this week.

Destiny 2 launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 6, and will arrive on Windows PC through on Oct. 24. You’ll be able to join us for several hours of Destiny 2 live streaming on our YouTube channel when the game arrives on consoles next week!