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Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs - Fortnite challenge guide

This week all you have to do is drive by a few signs

Epic Games via Polygon
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One of the more complicated challenges for week five of Fortnite Season 6 is here to give players the need for speed — a very modest speed that’s still almost 20 under the legal limit.

To complete this challenge, players will have to drive by five different Radar Signs while going at least 27 — it’s not really clear if this is miles per hour or kilometers an hour or some entirely made up way of measuring speed. While you can do this in a golf cart, it will require a bit of drifting, which means that the new quadcrasher is certainly the easiest vehicle to complete this challenge on. Once you’ve found a fast enough vehicle — there should be a few at most named locations — you should head off to the various radar signs around the island.

Radar Sign locations, Fortnite
Radar Sign locations
Epic Games via Polygon

Here’s every single sign in the game. They aren’t too hard to spot, most of them are just along regular roads, but you will have to be going the correct direction for the challenge to complete.

Once you make it to the signs, just drive on by five of them and you’ll be one step closer to completing this week’s challenges.

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