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How to transfer from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go

Looking to transfer your Snorlax? Buckle up!

One of the big selling points of Pokémon Let’s Go is that it allows you to transfer the pocket monsters you’ve found in Pokémon Go. That’s pretty exciting for those that have spent nearly two years grinding away at their Pokédex, but hold your Rapidash! There are a number of steps you need to complete before being able to make the transfer. Below we’ll walk through the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to transfer Pokémon from Go to Let’s Go, you need to reach Fuchsia City in Let’s Go. That’s where the fifth gym in the game is located, so you’re looking at around 15-20 hours of gameplay before reaching it, depending on your Pokémon mastery.

STEP 1: Open Pokémon Go on your phone

Once the app is open, tap the Poké Ball then tap “Settings” at the top right.

Once you’ve done that, tap “Nintendo Switch” in the list of devices and then hit “Connect to Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo via Polygon

STEP 2: Open Pokémon: Let’s Go! on your Switch

First, make sure the Nintendo account you’re using on your Switch and in Pokémon Go is the same.

Within Let’s Go, hit the X button to open up the main menu. Then press the Y button to select Options > Pokémon Go Settings > Yes to begin the sync with your Pokémon Go account.

Nintendo via Polygon

If the game prompts you to pair with your Pokémon Go trainer’s name, you’ve successfully connected the accounts. You’ll see a confirmation screen next.

STEP 3: Transferring a Pokémon from phone to Switch

Now that the accounts are connected (and you’ve made it to Fuchsia City), you can transfer Pokémon over. Reminder: Any Pokémon you transfer over to the Switch cannot be transferred back to your phone.

On your phone, tap the Poké Ball, then the Pokémon menu item at the bottom left. You should now see a Nintendo Switch icon at the top-right of this screen.

Nintendo via Polygon

Tap the Pokémon you’re transferring over, tap “Yes” on the confirmation screen, and then tap “OK” to finish up. The game will start to search for your Nintendo Switch console.

STEP 4: Bringing that Pokémon to the Switch

Speak to the Go Park attendant in side of the Go Park building in Fuchsia City and select “Bring Pokémon” from his menu.

Then select one of the Go Parks, which will determine where your Pokémon is sent. Choose “Start Communication.” Then hit “Yes.” Your phone will again search for your Pokémon Go account, and once it finds it, the transfer process will begin.

Nintendo via Polygon

If the transfer went through, you should see a confirmation message on both the Switch and your phone.

Your chosen Pokémon will now be chilling in your selected Go Park.

STEP 5: Adding that Pokémon to your Box

You’re not done yet, though. Once the Pokémon is in the Go Park, you have to actually bring it onto your team. To do this, walk up to the Pokémon you’ve transferred over and press the A button to interact with it. You’ll have the option to then catch it or move it to another Go Park.

Nintendo via Polygon

Select catch, and the game will send you to a typical wild Pokémon battle screen. Throw Poké Balls at your Pokémon until you capture it. Once you do, it’s yours to keep!

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