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God of War guide and walkthrough

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God of War isn’t just a new entry in an old franchise — it’s a gorgeous, brilliantly assembled reinvention of what a God of War game can be. Everywhere you look, there are collectibles to find, branching paths to take and lore to uncover. In Polygon’s God of War guides, we’ll show you how to find it all.

A lot has changed, and we have several guides that introduce God of War’s new concepts, from enchantments to realm tears to Kratos’ new weapon. If you’re just getting started — or if you need a refresher — be sure to check out our beginner’s guides.

The bulk of our God of War guides will take you from the beginning to the ends of every area, picking up every item — treasure chests, hacksilver, armor, pure collectibles, even an Infinity War gauntlet — along the way. They’re walkthroughs, focused on making Kratos rich and powerful.

A note on God of War spoilers

God of War is full of surprises, and that makes guides somewhat tricky to write. We want to help you with the game. We don’t want to spoil it. So we’ve written every guide to protect you from spoilers to the greatest extent possible.

If a guide or walkthrough doesn’t appear to get you every item you can see (a chest, for example), there’s a reason for that. Rather than spoil that reason, our text, tables of contents and big, unmissable images will tell you when and why you find yourself in that situation — in the least spoilery way possible.