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How to use Fortnite’s new shopping cart

We’ve got answers to your burning cart-related questions

Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale’s shopping cart is here and, as the first real vehicle in the game, it’s gonna take players a while to get the hang of.

The basics are simple enough. The shopping cart can be used by one or two people. One player drives the cart, while the other rides in the basket. The player in the basket can shoot or build like normal, while the driver controls the direction and speed of the cart.

But, even if you’ve got the basics down, you probably still have quite a few questions about how exactly the shopping cart works. Thankfully, we are here with some answers as to what exactly Fortnite’s first vehicle can and can’t do.

Epic Games

1. How do you control the shopping cart?

You start by pressing the use button, which will let you take control of the shopping cart or get in the basket and become the passenger. Once you are driving it, tapping the jump button to push the cart, then hold the jump button to stand on the back of the cart and coast along with the momentum. You can also press the crouch key to change seats in the cart if you decide you need to start shooting instead of driving.

2. Is the shopping cart faster than running?

Yep, it’s a lot faster than running. In fact, if you can get a good rhythm going, between pushing and coasting, you can probably go as fast as someone using a glider.

3. Can the shopping cart go up stairs?

Yes, it most certainly can. And if you are carrying someone in the basket, they can build stairs in front of the cart while it’s driving up them.

4. Can you take fall damage while using the shopping cart?

Nope, as far as we can tell, a fall from just about any height will end with the cart on its wheels and you — and your passenger — completely undamaged.

Epic Games

5. Can you get shot while you are in the shopping cart?

You absolutely can. It will not protect you from gunfire at all.

6. Can you use shields and heals while riding in the cart?

You can, actually. The game more or less treats you like you’re standing still while you are riding in the shopping cart, so you can use any items you want.

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