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Realm Royale classes guide

Learn the basic of the game’s five classes

The five classes of Realm Royale Hi-Rez Studios

Realm Royale has a handful of similarities with its battle royale brethren, but one of its biggest differences is the inclusion of classes. While there are plenty of weapons and armor to find in each of the matches you’ll play, the class you choose can sometimes make the biggest difference.

Each class can use any of the weapons and armor they come across, but each of them also has unique abilities, perks and a special weapon specific to their class. Knowing what each class is capable of can make a big difference if you’re new to the game. This handy guide will give you everything you need to know about each class.

The Warrior

The Warrior doing its Heroic Leap
The Warrior doing its Heroic Leap
Hi-Rez Studios

The Warrior is a good beginner class, since their perk allows them to passively gain health. Partnered with their movement skill, the Heroic Leap, you can bound across the map and survive easier than other classes. When you’re just learning the ropes of the game, consider using the Warrior.

On top of gaining health passively, two of the Warrior’s lootable spells will also allow it to survive a even longer.

These are great tools if you’re looking to keep yourself or your team in top shape:

  • Healing Potion grants health to you or your allies.
  • Shielding Potion can fix shields.

If you want to play more offensively, you can use the following:

  • Charge gives Warriors the ability to dash a short distance while damaging enemies you slam into.
  • Net Shot slows down enemies, making them easier to pick off. Mixing and matching these abilities gives the Warrior a flexible kit that will suit all sorts of play styles.

The Warrior’s legendary weapon is a throwing axe that deals more damage the farther away from an enemy you are. In a pinch, it’s a good short range weapon, but the axe’s unique trait allows it to act as a nice mid-range tool for high damage output.

The Engineer

The Engineer using a barrier and turret
The Engineer using a barrier and turret
Hi-Rez Studios

The Engineer is a great class for those who want a bit more control over the battlefield. Their passive ability gains them shield over time while their movement ability, Thrust, shoots them high into the air, allowing the Engineer to reach the high ground much faster than anyone else. If you’re a more tactical player, the Engineer might be for you.

Much of the Engineer’s lootable talents are area of effect skills, giving them unique battlefield advantages that no other class has.

  • Deploy Turret lets the Engineer drop a turret that can offer cover fire, protect forges or apply pressure in shootouts.
  • Fire Bomb is a projectile that lights an area on fire when it hits. This is great for locking down areas or weeding out enemies in cover.
  • Healing Totem creates an area of healing that the Engineer and their team can take advantage of.
  • Barricade is a piece of cover that can be dropped anywhere, giving the Engineer a tactical edge in engagements.

The Engineer’s legendary weapon is a bomb launcher. It shoots vials that have a nice bit of splash damage. Since so much of the Engineer’s talent-based damage output effects a large area, the launcher is a good complement, allowing the Engineer to spread damage all over the map.

The Assassin

The Assassin using ghost walk
The Assassin using ghost walk
Hi-Rez Studios

The Assassin is all about stealth and controlling what is seen on the battlefield. Their passive ability allows them to move 10 percent faster while on the ground, making them the speediest class of the bunch. With their movement ability, Blink, Assasins can teleport a short distance, giving them a great sense of movement throughout the battlefield.

  • Ghost Walk lets Assassins escape danger, making them unable to be targeted and increasing their movement speed.
  • Smoke Screen lets Assassins drop a cloud that blocks enemy vision and grants them stealth. This is great for getaways or for sneaking up on enemies.
  • Sensor Drone is another way to get the drop on opponents by revealing nearby players.
  • Concussion Bomb can propel you forward or knock back enemies to make space.

Unsurprisingly, the Assassin’s legendary weapon is a sniper rifle. While it can only shoot one bullet before it needs to be reloaded, the ability to take enemies out from afar is perfect for players who want to stalk the battlefield and fight without being seen.

The Mage

The Mage throwing up a wall
The Mage throwing up a wall
Hi-Rez Studios

The Mage is a powerful offensive class whose perk makes potions 30 percent more effective. Their movement ability, Soar, is great for covering short distances on the ground or in mid-air. Mages are great for players who want something versatile, but different than the Warrior.

The mage has skills covering both offensive and defensive options.

  • Explosive Flask is a projectile that deals damage on impact and slows enemies down.
  • For more direct damage, you can use Fireball for a magic blast that flies through enemies.
  • If you want some protection, Ice Block traps you in ice for a movement, locking down your ability to do anything, but you become immune to damage while regaining some health.
  • You can also cast a Wall to create a barrier or cast it at your feet to shoot you into the air.

The Mage’s legendary weapon is a magical staff, of course. It shoots mystical blasts out in five-round bursts. It’s a powerful mid-range tool that gives the Mage a beefy and consistent way to output damage.

The Hunter

A Hunter with her sniper rifle
A Hunter with her sniper rifle
Hi-Rez Studios

The Hunter is a bit of a mixed bag. For the sake of variety, they may also be a good class to play as for beginners, since their kit has elements from each class. To help you get more out of your basic gunplay, hunters have a 10 percent faster reload and weapon swapping speed. Their Dodge Roll movement ability lets them roll out of the way, making them harder to hit.

Depending on how you play, you can mix up the Hunter’s abilities to match your play style.

  • If you want some more damage, Blast Shot will let you fire off an explosive projectile at the press of a button.
  • For more battlefield awareness, Flare will allow you to reveal enemies in the area.
  • If you need to defend an area, drop a Proximity Mine.
  • Or you can use Withdraw to leap backward and gain stealth for a short time to disengage during fights.

The hunter’s legendary weapon, the bow and arrow, is as versatile as their kit. You can pop off quick shots at shorter ranges to deal small amounts of damage or hold your shots to get a more powerful and long-range shot. While the bow and arrow isn’t as exciting as the other legendary weapons, it performs well in most situations, giving it a lot of flexibility.

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