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How to unlock Ana’s Epic Bastet skin and content in Overwatch

You won’t have to pay for Ana’s newest look

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch short story “Bastet” gave us some new background information about Soldier: 76 and Ana, and it also introduced Ana’s latest skin. You don’t have to hope that the Bastet skin pops up through a loot box, however. You’ll have to play the game well in order the new content.

The event runs from Jan. 8-21, and this is what you’ll have to do to unlock each of the exclusive items:

  • Player icon: Win three games
  • Victory pose: Win six games
  • Epic Bastet Ana skin: Win nine games

How to unlock Bastet sprays

There are also five exclusive Bastet sprays that you can unlock by watching participating Twitch streams after linking your Blizzard and Twitch accounts. This is how to link your accounts, direct from Blizzard:

  1. Log in to your Twitch account and go to your Twitch connections page
  2. Click Connect next to Blizzard and follow the instructions
  3. Watch participating broadcasters to earn sprays

Twitch streams, dates and times

Here are the streams that will count toward your viewing hours to unlock the sprays (all times in Pacific Standard Time):

You’ll earn one spray for the first two hours of participating streams, two more sprays when you’ve watched four hours of participating streams, and then the two final sprays when you’ve finished watching six hours of participating streams.

Blizzard Entertainment

You’ll have all the Bastet content after you win nine games and watch six hours of eligible Overwatch streams through Twitch, after you’ve made sure to link your accounts. Good luck out there!

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