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The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough

The Outer Worlds is a sprawling game. There are planets, moons, and space stations to explore, corporations to take down (or support), people to save (or murder), and friends (or enemies) to be made along the way. Beyond the the standard role-playing game complexities, you’ll constantly be making weighty decisions, navigating branching dialog trees, and choosing whether or not to kill everyone you meet.

Our guides are here to help you through every part of the game. We have a guide for character creation to help you through your earliest decisions. We’ve got a beginner’s guide and some Outer Worlds tips to get you started playing. To help you understand the flow and mechanics of the game, we’ve also got walkthroughs for all of the main quests, side quests, tasks, and companion quests on the starting planet. Once you get off-world, we’ve got a guide to the game’s best weapons, the science weapons.