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Death Stranding protagonist Sam makes a face in a mirror

Death Stranding guides and tips

Explore post-apocalyptic America with Sam Porter Bridges and our guides

It’s hard to describe Death Stranding. It’s easy to describe what you do while playing it, though: You are Sam Porter Bridges, a man who builds literal and metaphorical bridges for an post-apocalyptic organization called Bridges. And, because why not, Conan O’Brien is there. It’s not subtle, but it can be confusing.

Everything you do in Death Stranding revolves around being a porter, delivering cargo, and helping others. You’ll also be fighting ghosts and terrorists, but that’s oddly tangential.

We’ve put hundreds of combined hours into the game, and we’ve got guides to help you along every step of your journey to make America whole again.

We’ve got a beginner’s guide and tips to help you dive into this strange world. We’ve also got explainers for some of the game’s more confounding mechanics, including Likes and evaluation categories.

As you get farther into the game, we’ve got guides for customizing your structures and vehicles. When you do decide to tackle combat, we’ve got guides for raiding MULE camps, and for farming chiral crystals.