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Wattam guide: Spring walkthrough

How to do each step of Spring (and also lots about poop)

Wattam Spring walkthrough Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this Wattam guide, we’ll help you through everything to do in Spring. And before you alert our loved ones, our brains are fine and these sentences make perfect sense in the game.


Wattam Spring walkthrough
Making new friends.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

The beginning of the game doesn’t have a name, so we’re just starting when you take control of Mayor.


Walk over to the spotlit rock and sit down.

Walk over and pick up Stone — it’ll be highlighted by another spotlight.

My First Friend

Stone will run away laughing and announce that you have to catch it. The Mayor will make a slightly disturbing face.

Just a Stone’s Throw Away

To catch it, chase down Stone and press the button to hold its hand. There’s no sprinting in Wattam, so you just have to angle yourself a little ahead of it.

When you take control of Stone, you won’t be able to catch the Mayor.

Rocky Morning

Run back to the spotlit rock in the middle of the area. Interact with it to wake up Rock.

Hey Mayor

The Mayor will be too shocked to run, so just run over as Rock and hold his hand.

Nice to Meet You!

As the Mayor again, head over to Stone and Rock in the center of the area, and greet them. This is how you discover the Magic Bomb.

Rock and Stone will ask you to do it again. Do that.

Hat Trick

Rock and Stone aren’t done yet. Get close to both of them and Magic Bomb them one more time.

New Day’s Dawning

The spotlight will talk to you for a minute, and tell you how to access the menu.

And then everyone starts crying.

That Born from Tears

Aim the Mayor’s tears at the hole in the center of the square.

When White Flower appears, it’ll want to be blown up. Take off your hat and do it.

Hello, Sprout

After you Magic Bomb White Flower, two new leaves will appear nearby. Walk up and greet each of them to meet Pink Flower and Orange Flower.

Invitation from Flowers

Kaboom them.

Fragrance of Spring

When Nose shows up, take control and look around for a pink cloud in one of the corners of the field. Guide Nose over and smell it.

When Acorn pops out of the ground, take control of it, and head back to the center. Plant Acorn.

Circle Dance in Spring

Wattam Spring walkthrough
Link up several friends in a circle.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Hold hands with someone. For each person you add to your chain, change the friend you’re controlling to the one on the end.

You have a different button for holding hands with your left and right hands, but you’ll grab the closest hand on the friend you’re linking up with. So just make sure everyone you link up is facing the same direction.

Once you link up four or so friends, close the circle. Guide the laughing friends over to the sprout in the middle, and start them spinning to grow Spring Tree.

On the Up and Up

Climb up Spring Tree.

A Tree’s Nature

Spring Tree apparently didn’t want to be climbed, and it’ll eat a few friends. They’ll fall out of Spring Tree’s leaves as fruit. Then it’ll transform back into Acorn.

Plant Acorn in the center again to transform it back into Spring Tree. Run around and eat everyone, and fruit them out.

Welcome back, Table

Wattam Spring walkthrough
Welcome back, Table.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Now that you’ve fruited all of your friends, Table shows up carrying Fork, Spoon, Milk, and Mouth.

A Mouth’s Calling

Take control of Mouth. Chase down whatever food it’s thinking about, and eat them. Poop out each of them.

Do this four times.

Have the Mayor kaboom.

Welcome back, Toilet

Wattam Spring walkthrough
Welcome back, Toilet.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

With all that poop running around, it’s about time Toilet showed up. Toilet brings Toilet (a smaller toilet), Pipe, and (obviously) Telephone.

A Toilet’s Duty

Take control of Toilet, and flush one of the poops you made as Mouth.

The Golden Poops

Each poop that Toilet eats will pop out of Pipe as a golden poop. As Toilet, flush three more poops.

Once you have four golden poops, one of them will suggest that you make a stack. Get all four to climb on top of each other, and then kaboom.

Welcome back, Bowling

Wattam Spring walkthrough
Welcome back, Bowling.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Another friend will arrive carrying Bowling Pin, Crown, and Ring.

Get on My Level

Wattam Spring walkthrough
Stack up anyone/anything to be about the same height as Bowling Pin.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Bowling Pin will ask you to make a stack as tall as them. You don’t have to be precise there. We did it with the four golden poops and Ring.

Lost Call

Walk up to Telephone as anything and ask “What’s wrong?”

Make a stack of whoever you can. This won’t work, but you have to stack up a few friends to trigger a new friend arriving.

Floating Favor

When Green Balloon shows up, approach and ask it to help.

Ballooning Buddies

Green Balloon is afraid of heights. Approach it and grab the string.

How Dare You, Sun!

Hit the jump button repeatedly to start floating up. Keep mashing jump even when the characters complain that they’re too high.

When you get high enough, Sun will drop the receiver, and Telephone will call Summer.