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Wattam guide: Summer walkthrough

How to do each step of Summer

Wattam Summer walkthrough Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this Wattam guide, we’ll help you through everything to do in Summer. And before you alert our loved ones, our brains are fine and these sentences make perfect sense in the game.


Wattam Summer walkthrough
Use Table, Toilet, or Bowling to swim over to Summer.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

When Summer appears, guide one of your characters over onto Table. Zoom out with the shoulder buttons to take control of Table, and then detach from Spring. Fly over to Summer.

Lost Sea

Head to the pillar in the middle of Summer, and ask “What’s wrong?”

If it’s not with you (it should’ve automatically followed you), find Onion. Open your menu, and choose Collection. Scroll through to find Onion, and select it to take control. (This is much easier than just using the thumbstick to switch.)

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Use Onion to make the island cry.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Walk Onion up to the island’s face to make it cry more.

The Cave of Mystery

Head into the cave to meet Scroll and watch a cutscene.

Square Meets Circle

Teach Circle about kaboom.

Big Summer Blastoff

Check in with Circle. That’s it.

Welcome back, Bucket

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Welcome back, Bucket.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Bucket arrives with Bottle, Shell, Bottle Cap, and Beach Ball.

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

Kaboom your new friends.

Don’t forget to climb up and kaboom Bottle Cap and Shell on top of Bucket.

Kaboom Scroll for good measure.

Welcome back, Ducky Floaty

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Welcome back, Ducky Floaty.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Ducky Floaty brings along Fish Toy, Ship Toy, Octopus Toy, and Squid Toy.

Fragrance of Summer

Find Nose — use the Collection menu to do this quickly. Guide Nose over to the center of Bucket.

Smell the cloud there to meet Coconut.

Plant Coconut in the center of Summer’s island.

Circle Dance in Summer

Just like you did in Spring, circle up some friends and dance around in a circle. Palm Tree will grow.

Island’s High Expectation

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Have whoever is wearing the lighthouse hat climb to the top of Palm Tree.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

One of the bath toys that arrived with Ducky Floating will be wearing a lighthouse hat. Take control of whichever one that is, and climb to the top of Palm Tree.

Zoom out, and take control of Sun. Move it out of the way to make it nighttime.

Welcome back, Yacht

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Welcome back, Yacht.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Yacht arrives once it’s dark, and brings along Treasure Chest, Pirate Toy, and Sailor Toy.

A Dream of Treasures

Take control of Mayor (or Circle), and climb Yacht’s mast. Kaboom Treasure Chest.

A Chest of Treasures

Find where Treasure Chest landed, and open it.

Operation Call Back

Telephone is none too happy about Mayor getting a receiver. You’ll automatically take control of Telephone.

Wattam Summer walkthrough
Shuttle Telephone over to Summer to confront the Mayor.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Lead Telephone out onto one of the boat-like friends holding on to Spring. Zoom out to take control of it, detach, and move it over to Summer. Zoom back in to reclaim control of Telephone.

Approach the Mayor to get back the receiver.

The next level of puzzles.

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