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Wattam guide: Autumn walkthrough

How to do each step of Autumn

Wattam Autumn walkthrough Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this Wattam guide, we’ll help you through everything to do in Autumn. And before you alert our loved ones, our brains are fine and these sentences make perfect sense in the game.


 Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Welcome back, Autumn.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Shuttle some characters from Summer to Autumn on whatever vehicle-friend you’d like. From this point on, the vehicle-friends and the characters will start moving around more on their own.

Nothing-to-Harvest Season

Walk up to Fan and Camera, and ask What’s wrong?

Fragrance of Autumn

Find Nose and bring it over to Autumn. Smell the pink cloud in the corner. Chestnut will pop out.

Plant Chestnut in the middle of Autumn.

Circle Dance in Autumn

Circle up a few friends and dance around Chestnut.

The Chestnut Tree’s Troubles

Before it’s ready to show off its fall foliage, Chestnut Tree needs to eat some sushi.

Shuttle Fan over to Summer.

The Secret of the Island

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Use Fan to blow the blades on Summer’s island.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Turn on Fan, and blow the blades around Summer’s island.

Ikura Sushi will show up and immediately start crying. You’ll take control of Mayor — who changes hats to become Detective. Climb to the top of the island and ask Ikura Sushi What’s wrong?

A Detective’s Pride

Your goal is to find all six Ikura Kids. You’ll do that over the next three prompts.

Climb down off of the island.

Call to Witness: Toro

Walk over to Toro Sushi and Ask!! about the Ikura Kids. Toro will point you to one nearby.

Chase it down and hold its hand.

Call to Witness: Tomago

Your next witness is Tomago Sushi. You’ll have to travel between season islands to Ask!! about the Ikura Kids.

This time, there are two to catch.

Call to Witness: Salmon

Next, you’ll have to track down Salmon Sushi. Ask!!, and then chase down the remaining three Ikura Kids.

A Client’s Call

Once Chestnut Tree eats Ikura Sushi (you don’t have to do anything for this to happen), Camera will be happy and move.

The Strange Staircase

Explore the strange staircase near Camera.

Imprisoned Memory

Follow the hall to meet Book and watch another cutscene.

Welcome back, Chair

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Welcome back, Chair.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

With Book back above ground, Chair arrives along with Whistle, Pen, Note, Ruler, Number One, Number Two, and Number Three.

Autumn of Reading

Take control of Mayor. Climb up onto Chair, and approach Triangle.

Square, Circle, and Triangle

Teach Triangle to kaboom.

Big Autumn Blastoff!

Now, any of your Magic Bombs will return your friends to their original forms (e.g., make them not fruit or poop any more).

Operation Booking It!

Using Square, Circle, or Triangle, chase down the friends chasing Book. Get up in the middle of them, and kaboom.

Midnight Visitor

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Use Pillow’s clouds of sleeping gas to knock out your friends.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

When the sun goes down, Pillow arrives.

Pillow is constantly emitting what we can only describe as sleeping gas. Run around and put everyone on Autumn to sleep.

Welcome back, Bed

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Pull the Master Key Sword out of Grandpa’s head.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Once everyone’s asleep, Bed returns. Bed brings along Grandpa.

Stuck in My Mind

When Mayor wakes up, head up onto Bed, and climb onto Grandpa. Pull the Master Key Sword out of his head.

The Birth of a Legend

Jump down off of bed and whack one of your friends with the Master Key Sword.

Kaboom, and then use the sword to summon your hat back to your head.

Welcome back, Pumpkin

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Nightmare fuel.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Now Pumpkin shows up, carrying Skull, Skeleton, Ghost, and Doll.

Doll of Sorrows

All you have to do here is survive the horror movie creepy doll vibes Doll gives off.

Operation Saving Face

This is actually one of the most complicated things you do in Wattam, and the closest thing to a boss fight in the game. You’ve got several things to do, but your ultimate goal is to get Right Eye, Left Eye, Nose, and Mouth attached to Doll’s face.

Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Hit Doll until she stops running and starts counting down.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
Wattam Autumn walkthrough
Take control of one of the facial features, and climb up onto Doll’s face.
Funomena/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
  • As Mayor, chase Doll around, and hit her with the Master Key Sword. When she freezes and starts counting down, take control of one of the facial features. Climb up onto her face, and attach.
  • Rock will show up to help. Take control of it, and chase Doll some more. Jump near her feet to attack. When you get her stopped again, reattach another facial feature.
  • Fan will show up to help next. Chase Doll down and blow on her. Attach another face part.
  • For the last section, Ikura Sushi will show up. Use Ikura Sushi to throw the Ikura Kids at Doll. Attach the final part of her face.

Once all four parts are reattached to Doll’s face, you’ll get the Operation Saving Face Clear! message.

A Chest of Treasures Redux

When Treasure Chest shows up, approach and open it.

Return my Receiver!

Take control of Telephone, and get the receiver back (again).