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Wattam walkthrough and guide

Wattam guide and walkthrough

We’ll help you through every step of this strange journey

Wattam is a strange game. So strange, in fact, that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a game.

It’s so whimsical that it gets hard to keep track of what you’re supposed to do, or what the game (and its characters) are asking you to do. There’s plenty of room to just goof off, turn your friends into poop, and make towers of bath toys. But progress in the game is fairly linear, and it requires you to do specific things in a specific order.

Our guides will walk you through every step of the game. And before you contact our loved ones about the state of our mental health, sentences like “Take control of Mayor (or Circle), and climb Yacht’s mast. Kaboom Treasure Chest,” make perfect sense in the context of the game. Well, “sense.”

You can get started with the game’s first section, Spring. From there, we’ve got guides for Summer, Autumn, and Winter (where the game ends).