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Kingdom Hearts 3 guide: Keyblades, what they do, and where you get them

Every keyblade we found and what they do

Square Enix via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll get a unique keyblade from each world. Some focus on magic, while others use strength as a primary stat. But no matter what the keyblade’s numbers look like, it’ll function a little differently than others. In this guide, we’ll explain every keyblade we’ve found, where we got them, and what they do.

Kingdom Key Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

This is your first keyblade, and you’ll start the game with it. The Kingdom Key Keyblade has balanced stats. It transforms into Second Form, which enhances your moves to be more area focused. The more enemies you hit with it, the more powerful your finisher will become.

Hero’s Origin Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get this flashy, strength-focused keyblade after beating Olympus, your first world. The Hero’s Origin Keyblade is defense-oriented and can transform into a shield. It becomes more powerful when you use it to deflect attacks.

Shooting Star Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get this magic-focused keyblade from Master Yen Sid shortly after Olympus. The Shooting Star Keyblade is your first ranged keyblade, and it can transform into duel pistols and a bazooka. You can use either the normal attack button or aim with the right trigger.

Favorite Deputy Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get the strength-focused Favorite Deputy Keyblade from the Toy Box world after helping out Buzz and Woody. After you evolve this keyblade, it’ll transform into a hammer that does big area damage. You’ll also have a nimble drill that can deal serious damage to bosses.

Ever After Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

Once you help out Rapunzel and Flynn in the Tangled world, you’ll earn the magic-focused Ever After Keyblade. This one gives you the ability to make copies of yourself when you dodge, which you can reactivate on some attacks.

Happy Gear Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get this strength-focused keyblade in the Monster’s Inc. world. The Happy Gear Keyblade transforms into fast-slashing claws that deal quick group damage. Evolving it further will turn it into two yo-yos that Sora swings around and attaches to enemies. The yo-yos pull you toward enemies and make combos easier.

Crystal Snow Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

This magic-focused keyblade comes from finishing the world of Frozen. The Crystal Snow Keyblade transforms into the Blizzard Claws (which are like the Happy Gear claws) and the Blizzard Blades. The blades put Sora on ice skates, which let him move quickly and attack in wide arcs around him.

Hunny Spout Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get the Hunny Spout Keyblade whenever you go visit Pooh and friends in the 100 Acre Wood. It has balanced stats. Much like the Shooting Star, it transforms into pistols and a bazooka.

Wheel of Fate Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll earn the strength-focused Wheel of Fate Keyblade for completing the Pirates of the Caribbean world. It transforms into a spear, which has long reach and high damage. You can also evolve it into a storm flag, which is more area-focused than the spear.

Nano Gear Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

The strength-focused Nano Gear Keyblade comes from the Big Hero 6 world. It evolves into the Nano Arms, which seem to replicate the other weapons that the keyblades can transform into, such as the claws, yo-yos, or the storm flag.

Starlight Keyblade

Square Enix via Polygon

You’ll get the Starlight Keyblade toward the very end of Kingdom Hearts 3, in the game’s last world. Like the Kingdom Key, this is a balanced weapon. It’s basically a more powerful version of the Kingdom Key in every way. It even uses Second Form S as its evolution.

Other keyblades?

These are all the keyblades we’ve earned so far. However, based on the trophies alone, we know there is an Ultima keyblade to forge, and there could be others hidden in the game.

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