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Trials Rising beginner’s guide

You’ll be crashing a lot. Just get used to it.

Trials Rising - Beginning of a race RedLynx/Ubisoft via Polygon

Trials Rising teaches us a valuable lesson: Motocross is an excellent way to maim or kill yourself in short order. The video game rendition? Far less risky. But just because your own skin isn’t on the line doesn’t mean you can rush into the challenges Trials has in store. This is a tough game. We’re bringing you a handful of tips to help you survive the onslaught.


In Trials Rising, acceleration is king. You may take that to mean that you should full-bore accelerate at all times like you would in a normal racing game. DO NOT DO THAT. Acceleration control is crucial and mastering it will garner better track times and fewer restarts.

The trick to acceleration: You only want to use enough gas to get you over the next hill. If you find that you’re getting a ton of air whenever you go over a small bump, you’re giving it far too much juice. Ease off on the pedal. Done properly, you’ll hit the top of the hill with a small amount of air — just enough to clear the crest, before landing on the other side. Both wheels should touch the ground at the same time when you land.

Practice acceleration control on the first few levels of the game. If you’re struggling to get silver and gold times on those levels, keep retrying them while altering your speed a bit. Eventually you should be able to nab top scores without even thinking about it.


The only other element you need to worry about his your center of gravity. Your number one goal is to make sure you don’t, say, land on the small of your back after a jump. But there are other small techniques you’ll want to know.

When going up a hill, lean forward. Your wheels will maintain traction and increase your speed as you gain elevation. The same idea in reverse: If you’re going down a hill, lean back into it. This, too, will increase your speed.

There are exceptions, known as “transitions.” You’ll recognize transitions by their quarter-pipe ramps, followed by small jumps to seemingly unreachable platforms. You’ll need to make your bike “jump,” but without a jump button all you can do is lean with the right timing. When approaching the quarter pipe ramp, lean slightly back so that your front wheel is raised just off the ramp. As you near the end of the quarter-pipe, push forward. You’ll rocket up to the next platform if you’ve timed this right.

If you forget any of these tips, hop into the “University of Trials” levels, which introduce the concepts and grade you on your performance.


When you start out in Trials Rising, you’ll have next to nothing. If you’re in a rush to buy new accessories to trick out your bike and rider, you’ll first want to earn some Gear Cates. Yes, I’m sorry to report that this game has loot boxes. They’re not too egregious, though. You’ll earn a new Gear Crate whenever you level up. Completing maps and earning medals will net you more experience. You should have around 10 Gear Crates after a few hours of play.

Start opening your Gear Crates. The most common rewards you’ll find are stickers that you can slap onto your rider or bike. But you’ll also find some new clothing pieces, wheel designs and a handful of other bizarre doodads. Keep opening your boxes, and don’t worry if you’re getting duplicates.

The game does offer you the chance to reroll your Gear Crate if you don’t like the contents. Rerolling costs 500 Trials coins, increasing from there. Do not do this. You can spend those coins on specific gear pieces in the in-game store. The odds for the standard Gear Crates are terrible, so you’re better off saving your cash and buying the specific pieces you want.


Many of the items in the in-game store require acorns, rather than Trials coins (the standard in-game currency). So where do you get those acorns?

You can earn acorns by finding hidden squirrel trophies throughout various maps in Trials Rising. Snagging one will earn you five acorns. You’ll need at least 10 acorns to purchase any gear in the store, and some of the rare items can cost upward of 50 acorns in total. So get hunting!

In the previous Trials game, Fusion, you could earn additional acorns by participating in online events. We haven’t been able to test the online portion of Trials Rising since it’s been in pre-release over the last few days, but keep an eye out for in-game notifications offering up bonus acorns whenever possible.

These basics should launch you clear through the first 20 tracks of Trials Rising. After that, you’ll start running into some truly devious map designs. Don’t get discouraged, and maybe you’ll make it out alive.

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