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Devil May Cry 5 beginner’s guide

Six tips to get you started

Devil May Cry 5 beginner’s guide — six tips to get you started Capcom via Polygon

Devil May Cry 5 might be a lot to take in — especially if you’re a newcomer to the series. There are more characters, more weapons, and more moves than you might expect. With everything happening so fast — and juggling three playable heroes — it’s easy to fall behind.

This guide will help you dive into the world of Nero, Dante, and V — whether you’re a veteran or newcomer to the series — with our introduction to the major concepts of Devil May Cry 5.

Have fun

Like we said in our review, Devil May Cry 5 is the rule of cool in video game form. It’s not about survival or even just dealing damage. It’s about doing cool stuff and revving up your motorcycle swords.

Don’t take the game (or yourself) too seriously. Above anything else, Devil May Cry 5 is about having fun and doing cool stuff. It’s a game with motorcycle swords, after all.

Collect lots of Red Orbs

Throughout every stage, you’ll collect crystalized demon blood called Red Orbs — the game’s currency. They’ll drop when you defeat certain enemies, you’ll find them floating around levels, and you’ll find clusters of them to smash open. You’ll also bonus Red Orbs depending on how stylishly you complete a stage.

A cluster of Red Orbs in a dead end corner. Capcom via Polygon

You’ll spend your Orbs between stages, whenever you use a phone booth to call in Nico and the Devil May Cry van, and at customization statues. They allow you to purchase skills (moves), items, and equipment. You can even use them to revive yourself if you fall in battle.

Red Orbs are always worth seeking out. Look for as many of them as you can find in stages — you can usually find some down a dead end alley or hidden behind something. You can never have enough Red Orbs.

Replay levels as you get better

From the main menu, you always have the option to replay previous stages. This will let you go back to grab something you missed the first time, explore more, or even just redo a fight to get a better rating (more on ratings below).

As you practice more and get comfortable with the game, consider heading back to the earlier stages to earn a few extra Red Orbs.

Be stylish

Your combat in Devil May Cry 5 gets a letter grade based on how stylishly you win the fight. Your rating will pop up on the right side of the screen along with an announcement of Dismal, Crazy, Badass, Apocalyptic, or Savage. You’ll earn those rating based on the variety of your attacks, how much damage you do, and your timing.

Winning fights isn’t just about slaying demons. It’s about looking good while you do it. Sure, you can mash the melee attack button and win, but it’s not going to get you a good rating.

Nero earning a Badass rating. Capcom via Polygon

To make sure you get the best rating you can, don’t rely on a single move or combo. Use a variety of ranged, melee, and special weapons. Use a special power when you can. Don’t hold back a powerful move waiting for the next fight (you’ll probably have time to power up your special moves before you need them again anyway).

Getting a good rating means you’ll get some bonus Red Orbs when you finish a stage. And Red Orbs mean you can purchase more moves and get even better ratings.

Practice in The Void

You have a skills (or moves) list in your pause menu for a reason. Use it as often as you need until you know all of the moves you’ve got at your disposal. Knowing and using these moves is the key to getting a good rating in combat.

Practicing skills in The Void Capcom via Polygon

From the main menu (and every time you purchase a new skill), you’ll also have the option to visit The Void, a training ground where you control the aggression and number of enemies. It’s the perfect place to figure out the controls and master your skills.

Go through your list and practice each move and its controls until you’re confident with it. Then, when you return to the game, use them.

Change your controls

The control menu Capcom via Polygon

Options menu > Controls allows you to remap nearly every button on the controller. If you find yourself struggling — like we did — with the game’s default options, you’re free to assign them to whatever button feels most comfortable (or logical) to you.

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