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Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Scavenger guide

Escape the Bloodharvest with this helpful guide

one character about to revive another in Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Behaviour Interactive

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest is an asymmetrical action game, where five players take the role of Scavengers and one plays as the Hunter. Because the roles are so different, we’ve prepared two different guides. This one will cover how to play the Scavengers, and how to best evade execution and escape the Bloodharvest. Each round lasts about 10 minutes, including the queue. A good performance rewards more in-game currencies that can be spent on upgrades and cosmetics.

Scavenger basics

Scavengers control with a third-person camera, giving them a wider view of the map and more information to work with. A Scavenger is nimble, able to repeatedly dodge, slide under objectives, and climb over cliffs. Scavengers do not take fall damage (as long as they do not fall off the side of the map). The Hunter is heavily armed and invincible, so Deathgarden becomes a game of cat and mouse.

When you run out of health, you are “downed.” Downed survivors are put on a bleed-out timer, and they can crawl away. Another Scavenger can resurrect them, or the Scavenger can pick up a health pack to get back into the game. Downed Scavengers can be “recycled”, which gives them another shot at escape. If a Scavenger is downed twice, they can be executed, which removes them from the game entirely.

Your job as a Scavenger is to evade the Hunter and escape the map, and every Scavenger who reaches the exit triggers an escape and a victory. The end of the match, and exits opening, triggers under three circumstances:

  1. The timer in the top left of the map counts down to zero.
  2. All Scavengers but one have been executed.
  3. The Scavengers have collectively turned in 140 blood to pillars around the map.
Deathgarden: Bloodharvest -
Scavengers collect blood from body piles
Behaviour Interactive

When the endgame triggers, the Hunter enters Blood Mode, allowing them to see all survivors across the map. The Hunter can execute Scavengers in Blood Mode, even if they haven’t been recycled. There is a brief delay before exits spawn, leading to a hasty final attempt to escape without falling prey to the Hunter. The Hunter has one last shot to win the game by downing Scavengers in this last rush.

Now that you have an idea of your objectives and goals, here’s how to achieve them. There are three types of objects around the map that you want to keep an eye on.

  1. Ammo crates. These crates give you 10 bolts to fire; you can hold a maximum of 20.
  2. Power cores. A power core crate gives you three cores. Each core powers one use of your vambrace ability, a unique power that we’ll explain below.
  3. Body piles. These spiky red objectives are where you harvest blood. Turn blood in at three pillars around the map, granting bonuses and eventually triggering an early end of the match scenario.
Deathgarden: Bloodharvest - an ammo crate and health pack
An ammo crate and health pack — both valuable resources
Behaviour Interactive

As a Scavenger, your main non-mobility tool is your bow and arrow. These arrows cannot do damage to the Hunter, and attacking a Hunter only serves to reveal your position. Arrows are for removing a Hunter’s constructs, downing drones, and marking objectives and bonuses around the map for your allies.

Scavenger abilities

Each Scavenger, who is a specific character with unique backstories and lore, has a “vambrace” ability that triggers upon using a power core arrow:

  • Fog — Smokescreen. Creates a cloud of heavy smoke, blocking visibility for the Hunter. (He can unlock Heal as an alternate power.)
  • Sawbones — Heal. Heals Scavengers in an area around each shot from her bow. (She can unlock Shield as an alternate power.)
  • Inked — Shield. Creates a dome around a fired arrow that blocks incoming fire from Hunters. (She can unlock Active Camo as an alternate power.)
  • Ghost — Active Camo. Creates a stealth bubble around a fired arrow that stealths all Scavengers in the radius. (He can unlock Clone as an alternate power.)
  • Switch - Clone. Spawns a holo-clone around a fired bolt that runs around, creating a distraction for Hunters. (She can unlock Smokescreen as an alternate power.)
  • Dash - Speed Boost. Speeds up all Scavengers around the radius of the fired bolt, giving them a rapid sprint. (He can unlock Active Camo as an alternate power.)
Deathgarden: Bloodharvest - a power crate Behaviour Interactive

Each Scavenger also has perks. Upgrade these perks with currencies earned over the course of each game. Each Scavenger has two passive perks. They also have access to a pool of six perks, but only two of them can be active at any given time. Different perks and passives support different play styles: Switch is self-reliant and evasive, while Sawbones focuses on working with allies. Experiment with Scavengers to see which abilities and perks work best with your play style.

Tips for Scavengers

It’s important to remember that Deathgarden is a cooperative game. You can play as a lone wolf, but you still want to work with your fellow survivors. With that in mind, here are a few tips.

  1. The Hunter has audio cues that can save your life. The louder the music, the closer the Hunter is. If you hear a sudden bass drop, you are directly in the Hunter’s sights.
  2. Every Vambrace ability except Clone can immediately benefit other Scavengers as long as they are in the area of effect radius, so be sure to keep that in mind when you trigger them.
  3. Collecting blood from a body pile grants blood to every Scavenger in the area, so consider waiting for a friend to join you so the Scavengers can fill the blood meter faster.
  4. Use your standard arrows to mark objectives and crates around the map so your allies can avail themselves of those resources.
  5. The Hunter can activate aerial drones that reveal anyone beneath it. Shoot them out of the sky with standard shots from your bow.
  6. Take advantage of the terrain. Running straight forward and dodging isn’t always your best bet. Climb up trees and pillars, hide beneath stairs, crouch in tall grass, and make sharp turns to throw the Hunter off your trail.

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