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Judgment guide: Skills

How to make Yagami better at eating, fighting, and flirting

Judgment skills guide Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon
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Over the course of Judgment, Yagami can learn new skills and abilities. These improve his stats or add new attacks or make him better at flirting.

There are a lot of skills — 126, to be exact — so it’s hard to know what you should focus on. This guide will give you a brief introduction to Yagami’s skills in Judgment and how you’ll use them. Then, we’ll give our suggestions for the best skills to purchase early.

How to unlock skills

Unlocking new skills for Yagami requires SP points. You’ll earn SP for doing just about everything in the game. You’ll get a few points each time you beat up a gang of thugs, take pictures of cats, play in arcades, and solve cases.

Judgment using the skills app on your phone
The skills app will let you know how many skills are available.
Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

Since you’ll be getting a steady trickle of these points constantly, the best way to know when you’re able to unlock a new skill is to just to check your phone periodically. When it’s got a notification with a number, you have skills to unlock. The number on the app and the numbers next to the skill categories tell you how many skills you can currently afford.

The three types of skills

Yagami’s skills are broken into three categories: Ability, Battle, and Special. Some skills will have prerequisites. These will be grayed out. To unlock them, you’ll just need to buy the first version of it to unlock the second. Other skills will be locked and hidden behind a lock icon. These skills need to be found in a QR code somewhere in Kamurocho or unlocked through the Quickstarter app on your phone.

Judgment skills menu
In the skills menu, the number next to the category tells you how many of those skills are available.
Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

The three categories of skills in the app are:

Ability skills. These skills increase Yagami’s basic stats like Health, Attack, Combo Speed, and how much he can drink.

  • Battle skills. Battle skills add new attacks and EX actions to Yagami’s repertoire like finishers and dodges.
  • Special skills. Special skills cover everything else. There are skills in here to make lockpicking and tailing easier, as well as skills for dating and making friends.

Best skills to unlock early

It’s tempting to ignore the Special skills when you spend so much of the game punching bad guys, but that’s a mistake. As soon as you can, unlock the skills that make tailing someone easier: Silent Destroyer, Invisible Man, and Target Locked. These three skills will take a lot of the frustration away from a lengthy tailing investigation, and they only cost 300 SP each, so it won’t take long to save up enough.

Also under Special, grab the Detective’s Hunch skill. This will add a vibration from your controller every time you hover over a clue while searching a crime scene. It’s not going to come up often, but you’ll be thankful to have it when you need it.

After those, pick up Boost Health (as many levels as you can afford) under Ability. As you probably expect, this increases Yagami’s health which makes some of the tougher fights easier. When you can afford it, grab Boost Attack Lv. 1 for 2,000 SP. It’ll take a while to save up enough, but increasing your attack power is never a bad idea.

Once you have all of these, start picking out whatever else you want. Look for skills that you know you’ll be using first — if you take the job as a locksmith, for example, pick up all of the lockpicking skills — but don’t be precious about it. There are no useless skills.

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