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Judgment guide: Skill QR code locations

The five QR codes that unlock new skills

Judgment skill QR code locations Ryu ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There are 55 QR codes scattered around Kamurocho in Judgment. Fifty of them are for drone parts and won’t be available until you win the first stage of the Drone Racing League. The other five, though, unlock additional skills for Yagami.

This guide will give you the location of all five skill-related QR codes. We’ll include some screenshots and a short description to help you find them.

Judgment skill QR code locations map

Blessing of the Wind God

This code is in the northwest of Kamurocho inside the Yoshida Batting Center. Inside, head to the south side of the building, and go through the door to the hallway. The poster and the code will be on your left.

Dire Determination

This code is at the top of Kamuro Theater Garden. Take the elevator to the top, and then head for the southeast corner to find the poster.

EX Tiger Dances with Crane

For this code, you’re looking for the Taihei Commerce Building on the west side of Kamurocho. It’s just to the right of the Gyu-Kaku restaurant. Go through the door with a Spunky sign over it, and take the elevator up to the second floor. The poster is just around the corner.

Tiger Drop

This code is a little south-southeast of the Champion District down a small alley. The poster is in a window above you on the south side of the square. Your camera won’t get close enough, so you’ll need to fly your drone up to snap a picture.

Ex Light Bullet

This code is just south of the Yagami Detective Agency HQ in the alley heading toward Ebisu Pawn.