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Dauntless guide: Weekly Hunt Pass challenge for Sept 13-19

How to get 600 Atherhedrons this week

Gregario Flynt, the Hunt Pass master in Dauntless Phoenix Labs via Polygon

Dauntless is a free-to-play monster hunting game from the team at Phoenix Labs. In a game all about hunters making suits out of monsters, the fashion can get a bit drab. Phoenix Labs’ solution is the Hunt Pass, which rewards players with cosmetic items to spice up their Slayer.

The best way to level up your Hunt Pass is to complete the weekly Hunt Pass challenges. These reset on Friday mornings and last through the week. Each challenge offers 150 Atherhedrons as a reward. With each Hunt Pass level only needing about 100 Atherhedrons, that’s six free Hunt Pass levels for completing a handful of missions.

Here are the four challenges that Gregario Flynt, the Hunt Pass master, is tasking you with this week:

  • Deal 250,000 damage to Behemoths
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with War Pikes or Repeaters
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Radiant weapons
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Hammers or War Pikes

That’s all you’ve got to do this week. For bonus Atherhedrons, run around Ramsgate and look for the 10 Atherhedron holders on the sides of buildings. If you collect all 10, you’ll get bonus Atherhedrons. These holders reset every day.