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Untitled Goose Game guide: The Garden to do list

Messing with that groundskeeper

A scene from The Garden in Untitled Goose Game House House/Panic

Untitled Goose Game is a short and rambunctious puzzle game. In it, you play as a goose on the loose turning a small town upside down. In each area, you have a set of small tasks to complete before you can move onto the next area.

Since you need to accomplish a handful of those goals and one final task before you can move onto the next area, you might get stuck. Here’s a walkthrough of The Garden area that will get you through that section.

We’ll do some of the tasks out of order to make your life easier.

After leaving the forest, the first area you’ll encounter is the garden. There’s several tasks here that will teach you the basics of Untitled Goose Game.

The Garden to do list

Get into the garden

You have a few options here. You can:

  • Turn on the sprinkler that will force the groundskeeper out, and you can sneak in behind him
  • Use the hole in the wall located to the left of the garden
  • Honk to get his attention and grab one of the fertilizer bags to force him out
  • Our preferred option is grabbing the radio. Doing so turns the radio on, forcing the groundskeeper to come out. You can head into the garden right after, or you can attempt the next task first.

Steal the groundskeeper’s keys

Going slightly out of order, you should do this task first.

As the groundskeeper tries to get the radio back after you grab it, slowly walk around him and grab the keys off his side. Run into the garden, completing both tasks. To set up the next task, leave the keys near the sprinkler.

Get the groundskeeper wet

After you’ve left the keys near the sprinkler, the groundskeeper will run to retrieve them. Head out of the garden and turn on the sprinkler while he gets the keys. You can also pick up an item like the radio and get him to chase you into the water.

Rake in the lake

There’s a rake located in the back of the garden. Grab it and walk around the planters on the right side so you can pull it through the garden without the groundskeeper seeing you. Then drag the rake into the lake.

Have a picnic

The sandwich and apple on a bench in Untitled Goose Game
The basket, sandwich, and apple are on (or near) the bench.
House House/Panic via Polygon

There are a few steps in this process:

  • Most of the items are contained in the garden itself, including the pumpkin, jam, thermos, carrot, and the radio (if the groundskeeper has taken in back).
  • The rest of the items like the apple, sandwich (remember to grab both pieces) and the basket are near the chair by the lake.

Bring all of those items to the picnic blanket next to the right on the right.

After doing these first five steps, an additional task. “make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb,” will be added. You need to do this one to move on. However, the only task you haven’t done, “make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat,” is easier to do after completing the final task.

Make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb

After completing all but one of the tasks, the groundskeeper will pull out a sign and hammer it in. However, by the time this final task is added, the groundskeeper might want to bring back the items you stole from him from the picnic. If he does, help him out by bringing some of them back into the garden to speed up the process.

Right as he raises his arm to strike for the final time, honk, and the groundskeeper will get scared and hit his thumb. This will cause him to fall down and open a door for you to move on. Before leaving, pull the sign back out so he can hammer it in again and you can complete the last task.

Make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat

As the groundskeeper gets up and tries to hammer in the sign again, head outside the garden via the door he opened in the last task. As he hammers, scare him again.

Now that you’re outside, when he falls, you’ll be right next to his head. Grab the hat off his head and hide it out of sight. When he can’t find it, he’ll go into the garden and put on his sun hat.

That’s it for all the standard missions in the garden.

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