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Untitled Goose Game guide: The High Street to do list

Making trouble at the market

Causing a mess at the high street in Untitled Goose Game House House

Untitled Goose Game is filled with all sorts of fun, mischievous puzzles to solve. However, if you get stuck trying to solve any of them, you can’t move onto the next area.

Below we’ll give you a detailed run down of The High Street area as well as the best order to complete your tasks in.

The High Street to do list

Trap the boy in the phone box

Whenever you run toward and honk at the boy, he’ll run away in the opposite direction. Scare the boy and herd him toward the phone box. He’ll then get into it and close the door, trapping him inside.

Get on TV

This is easiest to do while the boy is trapped in the phone box. Once he is, go up the the TV store’s door and start honking. The owner will investigate, notice the boy trapped in the phone box, and come come out to rescue him. That’s your chance to go into the shop.

Near the left window is a switch. Hit it and all the cameras in the shop will display what’s in the store on all the TVs. Run around the inside before the shopkeeper comes back and you’ll get on TV.

Make the boy wear the wrong glasses

First, grab a pair of glasses from the center of the shop on the street and place them near the boy. You have two options to make the boy drop his glasses:

  1. You can wait for him to inspect his glasses, at which point you can honk at him, scaring him into dropping them.
  2. You can trip him by lowering your head, untying his shoes, and then chasing him. When his shoes are untied, he’ll run away when scared and trip, dropping his glasses.

Once he’s dropped his glasses, grab them and hide them away. Then grab the alternate pair of glasses you stole near him. He’ll grab those and put them on instead.

Make someone buy back their own stuff

You may notice that the boy on the street often looks for where he left his toy plane every so often. When he’s not near the plane, grab it and place it in the shop near the other toys like the doll and race car remote control.

When he goes to look for it, he’ll head to the shop and ask for it back. The shopkeeper won’t just give it to him, forcing him to buy it back.

Break the broom

Wander into the shopkeeper’s area. She’ll try and shoo you away with her broom. Grab a hold of it, don’t let go, and keep pulling until it snaps.

Trap the shopkeeper in the garage

After breaking the broom, the shopkeeper will head to the garage near her shop to try and fix it. Once she’s inside, you’ll notice a hanging ring on the garage door. Pull it, causing the door to close, trapping the shopkeeper inside.

Go shopping

This is easiest to do while the shopkeeper is trapped in the garage. You’ll need to place several items in the wire basket at the bottom left of the shop. All but one of them are located in the shop. At the shop, you can grab the loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, cleaner plus the fruit and veg. The toothbrush is located inside a trash can you need to knock over to the right of the garage.

That’s it for all the standard tasks on the High Street.

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