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Untitled Goose Game guide: The Back Gardens to do list

Making art and breaking art

One of the residents of the Back Gardens in Untitled Goose Game House House/Panic

In Untitled Goose Game, you’ll be going around causing scenes through a small town. The third section of the puzzler brings you to some back gardens where you need to go back and forth between two yards to complete your list of tasks.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to cross every item off your list in the order that’ll make the process as smooth as possible.

Table of contents

Make someone break a fancy vase

From the south end of the man’s garden, remove the yellow string that knocks down the fence, giving you access to the woman’s garden. On the south end of her garden is a purple vase. Drag the vase back through the fence and into the man’s garden. Bring the vase in the man’s line of sight. Once he sees it, he’ll throw it back into her garden, accidentally shattering it.

Help the woman dress the bust

This will require a bit of moving back and forth between the gardens.

If the woman notices the break in her fence in the south end of her garden, she’ll stitch it back up, giving you no means to head back to the man’s garden. To head back his way, go to the north end of the woman’s garden and pull the drawer out of the blue desk. This will topple it, giving you a ramp to run back into the man’s garden. From there, you can run back to the south end of his garden and untie the fence again.

To dress up the woman’s bust, you’ll need three items from the man’s garden: his hat, pipe and glasses. Since all three of these items are right next to him, you can distract him by dragging his cricket bat and ball to the east side of his garden.

As he retrieves those items, run the hat, pipe and glasses over to the woman’s garden. Deposit them in the small bowl next to the bust in the west end of her garden, and she’ll dress up the bust with those pieces.

Make the man spit out his tea

In the woman’s garden, there’s a massive bell you can ring. Just wait for the man to sip his tea, and then ring the bell.

Get dressed up with a ribbon

After you ring the bell, the man and woman will argue for a bit. While that happens, run over to the duck statue she has in the south end of her garden. Remove the ribbon and then hide the duck near the southwest side of her garden.

Then, walk to where the duck was and you’ll get a prompt to stand and pose in its spot. As the woman goes back to her painting, she’ll notice the ribbon and will put it on you to wear.

Make the man go barefoot

Whenever the man is sitting down, you can simply grab one of his slippers off his foot. Be sure to hide the slipper in the woman’s garden so he can’t go back and grab it. You’ll have to do this twice to cross it off your list.

Do the washing

For this one, you might want to distract both the man and woman for a bit before starting. We recommend ringing the bell again to keep them both occupied.

You’ll have to grab both socks and the bra off the woman’s clothing hanger and drop it into the small pool of water at the south end of the man’s garden. You’ll also need to grab the soap located on the right side of the bathtub in the north end of the woman’s garden.

Keep both parties distracted as the man will throw back any item he sees when he walks to the south end of the garden. The woman will also fix up the fence if she notices it’s been knocked over, making it harder for you to run back and forth between gardens.

Make someone prune the prize rose

Once you’ve done most of the tasks, the man will make a sign using a sheet of wood in the south end of his garden. Once he does, you can drag the planter box with the big rose south.

Pull it as far as it can go and then head to the woman’s garden. Peck at her plant sculpture of a squirrel until it’s a bit messed up. Honk to get her attention, and as she goes to fix it up with her large scissors, she’ll accidentally snip the rose.

That’s it for all the main back gardens tasks.