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Untitled Goose Game guide: The Pub to do list

Take a shot at these tasks

The goose from Untitled Goose Game at the pub House House/Panic

Near the end of Untitled Goose Game, you’ll head to a pub. This one requires some infiltration to start. But once inside, you may not know which order to tackle your to do list. This guide will show you the easiest ways in and out of the pub.

The Pub to do list

Get into the pub

You can’t walk into the pub since “the burly man” guards the entrance. To get in, wait for the delivery person to look away or wait until they are in the back of the van. Once they’re distracted, walk up to and enter the empty box. They’ll grab the box and walk you right in.

Break the dartboard

Before the delivery person walks you all the way to the back of the pub, hop out when you see the old man near the dartboard.

To break it, wait for him to take a shot. He’ll measure up his shot three times before throwing. When he throws, honk. He’ll get scared, messing up his shot and breaking the dartboard.

Make the old man fall on his bum

You’ll have to continue pestering the old man for this one. Once he grabs his harmonica, he’ll get ready to jam on it while sitting on the nearby bench. Wait for him to get ready to plop down on his seat, and then pull it out from under him, knocking him on his rear.

Be awarded a flower

After harassing the man, move east to the two women sitting down having a chat. Stand on the small platform near them. You’ll get their attention. Honk and spread your wings. After your riveting performance, one of the women will throw a flower at you.

Get the toy boat

On the northern side of the dining area attached to the pub is a sink with a toy boat on it. Turn it on, and the sink will fill up with water, eventually making the boat rise to the top where you can grab it. This takes a few seconds, so you can accomplish the next task while you wait.

Set the table

This is the longest of your item gathering tasks.

In the back end of the pub, where the delivery person drops off their boxes, is a wooden wheel with a table cloth on it. This is the table you need to set.

There’s a plate back there in one of the storage units. Grab that and place it on the “table.” Next you’ll have to back to the dining area attached to the pub to grab the knife, fork, pepper and the candle (which is on the southern end of the dining area). While grabbing these, the server may chase you. Duck under tables to hide.

Between the white back area gate and the dining area is a small pathway under the dining area. Use that to get to the back of the pub. Place those items on the table and complete this task.

Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head

In the back area where you’ve set the table is a box of tomatoes. Grab a handful of them and create a trail that leads up to the burly man in the front.

You’ll need several as you’ll he’ll deposit tomatoes in several boxes. There’s one near him and another on the way to the back of the pub. Keep placing them so he finally makes his way to the final box all the way in the back. Place a tomato outside that box, too.

As he gets ready to put that final one away, run back to the upper dining area near where you got the toy boat. Above the tomato box is a bucket. Wait for the burly man to put away the tomato, and drop the bucket on him.

After that, he’ll open up the garbage back there, giving you a way to exit the pub.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal

This task requires you to exit the pub, so we’ve saved it for last.

In the main dining area, grab any pint glass and run out of the main entrance of the pub, past the burly man and across the street.

You’ll make your way over to a bridge overlooking the water. Look for a small notch on the edge of the bridge that you can stand on. From there, drop the glass into the canal.

That’s it for all the main tasks in the pub.

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