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Untitled Goose Game guide: The Model Village and the To Do (As Well) to do list

Ringing in the end of the game

The goose from Untitled Goose Game yelling into a well. House House/Panic

Untitled Goose Game has its own sort of big finale.

In it, you must run through an entire model village then run all the way back to the start of the game. It’s easy, but you might still need some advice for the end.

Plus, we share the list of all the end game tasks that you can do after beating the game.

The Model Village to do list

Get into the model village

Once you’re over the gate from exiting the pub, keep going forward. At the locked gate, head into the water and keep going until you get into the village.

Steal the beautiful miniature golden bell

As you run through the model village, you’ll see that it’s replicating the same village you’ve just played through. Keep following the path through the garden, high street, back gardens and pub until you reach the castle. Peck and pull at the castle until you eventually knock it over. Then you can grab the bell.

Take it all the way back home

If you’ve run around the town before, you know there’s a shortcut right next to where you are that will lead you back to the lake near the garden. Unfortunately, all of the shortcuts in the game are now locked. So you have the bring the bell all the way back through every single area you’ve just caused havoc through. The kicker? If you run, the bell will make noise alerting anyone near you. Once alerted, they will try and steal the bell back.

If they grab the bell from you, snatch it back and keep running until you make your way back to where you started. All the way on the west end of the forest is a pit filled with bells. Drop your new bell in and it’s game over. Well done, goose.

To Do (As Well) list

Beating the game also unlocks a brand new list of tasks to do. Most of these tasks involve multiple areas. Almost all of them are self-explanatory. You can also do these at any time during the game, even before you unlock this list.

Here’s the final list of tasks in Untitled Goose Game:

Lock the groundskeeper out of the garden (Garden)

Lead the groundskeeper out of the garden, and then grab his keys. Run back into the garden with the keys, drop them, and then close the gate behind you. Without his keys, he won’t be able to get back in.

Cabbage picnic (Garden)

Head into the garden and push a cabbage all the way out of the garden and onto the picnic blanket near the lake.

Trip the boy in the puddle (High Street)

Lead the boy near the puddle on the west side of the High Street by putting his toy plane near it or by chasing him in that direction. Then untie the boy’s shoelaces. Next time you scare him, he’ll trip and fall into the puddle.

Make the shop scales go ding (High Street)

First, trap the shopkeeper in the garage. This task is hard to do while the shopkeeper is around to push you away or take back items.

The best objects to place on the scale are the heavy toys and tinned cans of food. Place enough to make the scale max out, and it’ll ding.

Open an umbrella inside the TV shop (High Street)

Grab an umbrella from the shopkeeper’s stall, and place it outside of the TV shop. Then get the TV store clerk to leave like we describe in our High Street guide. Once she’s out of the store, bring the umbrella in and open it.

Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff (Garden and High Street)

If you’ve noticed in the garden, the groundskeeper is always mindful of where his trowel is. Grab it from the garden, bring it all the way to the shopkeeper’s stall, and place it near the other gardening equipment. Eventually the groundskeeper will come and buy it back.

Collect five flowers

You may have stumbled across the well (pictured above) before. Near it is a bench and a basket. You’ll need to find five flowers scattered across the game and place them in the basket. Here are their locations:

  • Tulip (Garden)
  • Lily (High Street near the shop)
  • Rose (Back Gardens)
  • Daisy (the flower the women give you at the Pub)
  • Chrysanthemum (inside the Model Village)
Trap the boy in the garage (High Street)

The boy will always look for his toy plane, so once you get the garage door open, place it in there and lead him to the garage. Once he goes in to retrieve it, close the door behind him.

Catch an object as it’s thrown over the fence (Back Gardens)

Place an object from the woman’s garden into the man’s garden within his line of sight. Once he goes to grab it, run back to the woman’s garden and stand on the opposite side of the fence from the man. When he goes to throw it back into her garden, grab it.

Get thrown over the fence (Pub and Back Gardens)

Grab the box in front of the Pub and drag it all the way into the man’s garden. When he’s not looking at you, hop in. Once he notices you, he’ll throw you into the woman’s garden.

Dress up the bust with things from outside the Back Gardens

From the High Street, grab a pair of glasses from the shopkeeper’s stall as well as the toothbrush that’s hidden inside the trash can near the garage. Then head over to the Pub. Knock over the old man like we’ve described in our guide on the Pub. When he’s fallen, grab his woolen hat and bring it back to the Back Gardens.

Doing this will also mark off another task for you: “Steal the old man’s woolen hat.”

Score a goal (High Street and Back Gardens)

This one will take a little legwork and patience to do. From the High Street, roll the boy’s soccer ball all the way to into the garden to the west of the woman’s garden. Then push the ball into the goal.

Sail the toy boat under a bridge (Pub)

Grab the toy boat as we’ve described in our guide on the Pub. Take it out of the Pub, cross the street, and head through the fence to the bridge overlooking the canal. Drop the boat over the north end of the bridge so it will sail under the bridge as it floats south.

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon (Back Gardens and Pub)

This one might seem obvious if you’ve followed our guide on the Back Gardens, but there’s a trick worth knowing. Get the ribbon on you from the woman’s garden like you did before. But do not exit through the hole in the fence from the woman’s garden. Doing so will get the ribbon caught in the bushes, and you’ll have to get the ribbon put on again. Instead, head back into the man’s garden and exit through the hole in his fence. Then go to the Pub via the alleyways and perform for the women.

Steal the old man’s woolen hat (Pub)

As we’ve noted above, knock over the old man by moving the stool out from under him as he sits to play his harmonica. When he’s on the floor, grab his hat.

In addition to these tasks, you also get a to do list requesting to do each task before the church bell rings. That means you’ll have to do each set of tasks within each area during the six minute interval of church bell rings.

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