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Dragon Quest Builders 2 guide: Tablet Target room recipes

Make these rooms to get some mini medals

Omega Force, Square Enix/Square Enix

Dragon Quest Builders 2 players can add specific items to rooms to turn it into a new type of room, but knowing what items you need to make rooms can be a daunting task.

In this guide, we’ve compiled a chunk of the tricky rooms to figure out and their required items, as well as the ones you need to complete Tablet Targets in the game.

If your room isn’t registering after putting in the required items, make sure your room isn’t too big. Rooms can only be a maximum of 150 blocks, and if they go above that, they won’t register at all.

Steamy spa

  • spa set (hot water and floating flower petals)
  • 1 spa spout
  • 3 bathing stools
  • 3 washtubs

You can find hot water can in the Rimey Reef island. You can craft floating flower petals using cherry blossoms on the tree stump crafting station.

A Dragon Quest Builders 2 screenshot of petals floating in hot water, creating a spa Omega Force, Square Enix/Square Enix via Polygon


To make a farm, use fences to block off an area and add wheatgrass within the fencing.

Changing room

  • 1 wardrobe
  • 1 light source
  • 1 dressing table
  • 1 chair

Animal house

  • 1 pet bedding
  • 1 pet bowl
  • 1 haystack

The rooms below aren’t necessarily specifically needed for Tablet Targets, but you do need to build them to be apart of room combos that are.

Playful Park

  • 1 bench
  • 1 tree swing
  • 1 flower
  • 2 plank pathway

Simple Kitchen

  • 1 chest
  • 3 bonfires

Dining room

  • 4 dining table sets (1 table, 1 chair, and 1 decorative food)
  • 1 light source


  • 2 tables
  • 1 wall decoration
  • 1 tabletop light source
  • 1 stationary

Basic bedroom

  • 2 beds
  • 1 light source

Music hall

  • 3 of any instrument
  • 1 chair
  • 2 curtains

The rooms below need to be made using a combination of two connecting rooms. Note that these rooms need to be next to each other and connected with a door.

Petting zoo

  • playful park
  • animal house


  • Simple kitchen
  • Dining room
Two Dragon Quest Builders 2 rooms, a kitchen and dining area, put together to make a restaurant Omega Force, Square Enix/Square Enix via Polygon


  • Reception
  • Basic bedroom

Spa resort

  • Steamy spa
  • Music hall

For a complete list of all the room recipes, you can check out this gigantic spreadsheet from the Dragon Quest Builders subreddit.

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