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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board guide

How to upgrade your Soul Emblems and each Community Board

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon
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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has plenty of systems to get used to. For the first few hours — and even into hours 20 and 30 — the game introduces tons of new tools to help you on your journey. The Community Board is one of the first systems you gain access to, but it’s much deeper than initially advertised. You need to engage with this system throughout Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s entire runtime.

Here’s how the Community Board works and where to get new Soul Emblems.

What is the Community Board

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board
You place Soul Emblems in sockets on each Community Board
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

Through your Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot adventure, you’ll come across legions of characters. At different points in the story, these characters will offer you their Soul Emblem — usually after a quest, battle, or conversation. These Soul Emblems go on your Community Boards and grant you different bonuses and boosts to certain stats. Each board is set up like a small game board, with unique patterns and nodes for you to slot Soul Emblems into.

For example, you first start with the Z Warrior Community Board, which is all about fighting — either solo or with support characters. Goku is the head of the Z Warrior Community Board, so he takes the center spot, and you can’t move him to another board. But you can add like-minded characters to the board around him.

As you add more Soul Emblems — and level them up with gifts — their collective levels will increase in power and level up the Community Board at certain thresholds. Each Community Board level, up to 10, comes with a new bonus stat, like 7% melee attack damage, or 4% Ki attack damage. Different boards offer different bonuses, so you can cater to what is most important to you.

You should add new Soul Emblems to your Community Boards immediately because they won’t help you at all until they’re in place on a board.

Where to place your Soul Emblems

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board
Under community Level, you can see all of Krillin’s proficiencies, and which board he’s best suited for
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

Each Soul Emblem comes with certain proficiencies and proficiency caps — one for each of the seven Community Boards.

Krillin, for example, comes with higher proficiency for the Z Warrior, Training, and Adventure Boards. Krillin can upgrade each of those proficiencies up to level 25 and benefit those Community Boards more than others. But each Soul Emblem has a cap on certain proficiencies. You can level Krillin’s Z Warrior proficiency all the way to 25, but you can only level up his Development proficiency to level 5.

Soul Emblems only use the associated proficiency with the board they’re currently on. If your Krillin is 25 in both Z Warrior and Training, he’ll only ever be able to use one of those proficiencies at a time.

Leveling up Soul Emblems

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board
Each item tells you exactly how it’ll level up your allies
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

To level up a character’s proficiency, you can access their Soul Emblem in the Community Board menu — either by going to the Soul Emblem section of the Community Board menu or hitting Triangle or Y while hovering over the Soul Emblem. In their menu, press the X or A button to give them gifts you collect on your adventure.

Gifts offer specific proficiency boosts, so you always know what you’re leveling up. Giving Krillin the Super Sacred Text of Martial Arts — which we picked up by completing a quest — increases his Z Warrior proficiency by 4, and his Friendship meter by 5.

Each Soul Emblem has a Friendship meter in addition to its proficiency level. Whenever you give a character a gift, their friendship level goes up. At certain Friendship level thresholds — different for each Soul Emblem — Soul Emblems can give you rewards like more gifts or Rainbow Orbs for leveling up your skills. For characters who can support you in battle (like Krillin) the Friendship meter increases their power as well.

Linking Soul Emblems

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Board
The added yellow numbers mean that character is connected to an ally
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

You can link certain Soul Emblems together for bonus effects, depending on the relationships with other characters around them. If you’re not sure who has a relationship, use the Community Bonuses button in the Community Board menu to check. When you link two Soul Emblems together (placing them next to each other on a Community Board), they all get proficiency boosts (provided that the Soul Emblems in question can link). If you place your Soul Emblems just right, you can activate multiple links at once.

For example, we have our Gohan Soul Emblem on the Z Warrior Community Board. We placed him on the z-shaped board in the corner so that he has two link points. On one side, Gohan links to Goku, giving him and Goku the +2 Ultimate Father-Son Team bonus. On the other side of Gohan is Piccolo, which gives both Gohan and Piccolo the +2 Master and Student bonus. With both bonuses, Gohan has +4 on the Z Warrior Community Board.

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