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Temtem type strength and weakness chart

A list of all types

Temtem type strengths and weaknesses guide and chart Image: Crema via Polygon
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Every creature in Temtem has a type. That type determines that Temtem’s strengths and weaknesses when fighting. Knowing what types are most effective against others will make your fights a lot easier and keep your squad healthy longer.

It’s easy to remember that Water beats Fire, but it’s harder to remember that Toxic, in turn, beats Water. Below, we’ll tell you where to find this information for yourself, and then give you a quick reference for all Temtem types along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Ms. Teresa in the Accadamia

When you reach Brical de Mar not too long into the game, you’ll have access to the Accademia. Inside, the classroom on left side of the first floor belongs to Ms. Teresa.

Head to her desk and read the book there to find the list of all Temtem types, along with a list of all their strengths and weaknesses.

Temtem type strengths and weaknesses

We’ve put the information from Ms. Teresa’s book in the chart below. (This is the equivalent of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s super effective strengths and weaknesses.)

Temtem type chart

Type Strong against Weak against
Type Strong against Weak against
Fire Nature, Crystal Water, Earth
Water Fire, Earth, Digital Nature, Toxic
Nature Water, Earth Fire, Toxic
Electric Water, Mental, Wind, Digital Nature, Earth, Crystal
Earth Fire, Electric, Crystal Water, Nature
Mental Neutral, Melee Crystal
Wind Toxic Electric
Digital Mental, Melee -
Melee Earth, Crystal Mental
Crystal Electric, Mental Fire, Earth
Toxic Water, Nature Earth, Digital, Crystal
Neutral - Mental

Temtem type strengths and weaknesses refer to the amount of damage your Temtem(s) will deal in battle. A Melee type temtem, like a Smazee (one of the starters), deals extra damage when attacking an Earth type, like a Bunbun. But, since it is weak against Mental damage, it will take extra damage from a Mental type temtem, like a Houchic.

You’ll find out each Temtem’s type (and their type of damage) as you add them to your Tempedia by capturing them. As you learn the strengths and weaknesses, though, remember that some Temtem(s) gain a secondary type as they evolve.

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