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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot guide: Tough Break for Turtle side quest walkthrough

Where to find the Royal Tomato and Great Energetic Fish

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Tough Break for Turtle Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

After you defeat Nappa and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but before you leave for Namek in Episode 1 of the Evil Emperor Frieza saga, go speak to Turtle in Kame House to start the “Tough Break for Turtle” side quest. Turtle has a grocery list for you: rice, eggs, and the Royal Tomato. You can buy the rice and eggs at any grocer in town (the one with the apple over their head). But the Royal Tomato is a lot harder to find.

Here’s where to find the Royal Tomato and the Great Energetic Fish you need to trade for it.

Where is the Royal Tomato

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Tough Break for Turtle
In the Southeast Mountains Area, spawn in on Goku’s House and look for the blue side quest marker
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

If you just listen to Turtle’s instructions, you may never find the Royal Tomato.

Turtle suggests that you look in the mountains to the southeast. But if you walk outside of Kame House and use the compass on the mini-map, you will notice there are no mountains to the southeast. If you try to fly up and open the world map, you will also notice the blue side quest light is still on Kame House, not another area. Confusing.

When Turtle suggests you go to the southeast mountains, he isn’t talking about using your compass to fly southeast from Kame House — he means the Southeast Mountains Area region. Fly up and access the world map. Travel to the Goku’s House area. Open your map, and you’ll see a blue quest icon. Fly to it and find the farmer. Talk to the farmer, and he’ll offer a trade: 10 Great Energetic Fish for one Royal Tomato.

If you already have 10 Great Energetic Fish, hand them over and bring your Royal Tomato back to Turtle. If you don’t have all 10 Great Energetic Fish, you need to find them in the ocean.

Finding 10 Great Energetic Fish

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Tough Break for Turtle
The small blue dot, surrounded by tiny fish, to the left of Gohan’s head is what you’re looking for
Image: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco Entertainment via Polygon

Go back to Kame House and dive into the ocean near Turtle. Swim around — it’s just like flying, but you can run out of breath. Keep an eye on that meter, and look for little blue dots, circled by a school of fish. Swim through the dots to automatically collect various different fish ingredients — including Great Energetic Fish.

Once you’ve collected 10 Great Energetic Fish (you can check your progress by opening your menu, hitting Items, and looking in the Cooking section), head back to the farmer. Trade him all of your fish, he’ll give you the Royal Tomato.

Take the Royal Tomato, seven rice, and six eggs back to Turtle. After a short scene, you will finish Turtle’s quest.

As a reward, Turtle gives you: experience, a D Medal, rice, Bean Pasta, Fatty Giant Fish Steak, and Meaty River Snail. He will also offer you the Turtle Soul Emblem, which is great for the Cooking, God, and Adult Community Boards.

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