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How to unlock Kentucky Route Zero’s post-Act 5 intermission

There’s just a little bit more to see

A screenshot from Act 5 of Kentucky Route Zero showing a group of people talking Image: Cardboard Computer/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
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Kentucky Route Zero doesn’t have much in the way of “secrets.” Mostly it’s just about experiencing the story as you go while making meaningful dialog choices. As you progress through each act, you’ll unlock an “intermission” that will set the stage for the next act. Each of these intermissions unlocks automatically, but there’s one that requires some specific steps to unlock.

Don’t worry: If you miss these steps you, can always go back after you’ve completed the game, unlocking the final intermission in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Complete Act 5

Simply play through the game. It’s possible that you’ll unlock the final intermission just in the normal course of playing. If it doesn’t appear in the level, select menu at the end of Act 5, no biggie, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Restart Act 1

Complete the scene at the Equus Oils gas station (getting the address for 5 Dogwood Drive from the computer) and leave in your truck.

Step 3: Return to Equus Oils

Immediately after leaving Equus Oils, return to that location and a man should be present. Talk to him about his play, and then leave the gas station again.

Step 4: Quit back to the level select screen

Once you’ve left the gas station and you’re back on the map screen, quit back to the circle level select menu. The final intermission, “Death of a Hired Man,” should now be selectable.

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