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Joker from Persona 5 Royal poses with his mask in hand, and his Phantom Thieves friends pose in his shadow with a golden tint

Persona 5 Royal guides

Find Will Seeds, get classroom answers, and solve crossword puzzles with our guides

Persona 5 Royal brings the gang back to PlayStation 4, and this time there are new items, a new companion, a new grappling hook, and new collectibles to find in every palace.

Since Persona 5 Royal is mostly the same game as its predecessor, almost all of our Persona 5 guides work just as well for the Royal, too.

There may be places in our Persona 5 walkthroughs that ask you to jump up a wall where Persona 5 Royal needs you to use your new grappling hook. In fact, almost all of the major palace differences involve the new grappling hook. So when in doubt, check to see if Joker’s hand is glowing blue — the sign that a grapple post is nearby.

Persona 5 Royal also introduces red, green, and blue Will Seeds to collect in each dungeon. Our guides will show you how to find them all in every palace and the crystals you’ll get for collecting them all.

Classroom questions and answers reappear in Persona 5 Royal, though they’ve changed slightly. We’ve got a comprehensive classroom answers guide, too — as well as one for solving crossword puzzles, which are a great way to increase your Knowledge without wasting your time.