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Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis on fire

Resident Evil 3 walkthrough

Find every item and collectible, and open every lock

Resident Evil 3 is mostly a completely different game than 1999’s original. It shares a lot with its source, but you’ll find new items, enemies, and collectibles in this remade version for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Unlike the Resident Evil 2 Remake from 2019, there’s only one campaign — though it’s built for replay.

Our walkthroughs will help you through every step of the game, and make sure you’re well-armed and loaded up on ammo throughout. We start in Jill’s Room and walk you through exploring a ruined Raccoon City. Our guides continue from there, all the way through to your final boss fight.

We’ll point out every box of ammo, crafting material, weapon upgrade, and note to read as you go. We’ll help you find every safe code and solve every puzzle.

Nemesis will be hunting you every step of the way through the game, but we’ve got you covered with boss fight guides for every one of Nemesis’ incarnations.