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Call of Duty: Warzone easter egg guide: How to get into Bunker 11

Here’s how to unlock the Mud Dauber SMG blueprint

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward launched a new patch for Call of Duty: Warzone. On top of several major changes to the Gulag and general updates, the patch also allowed players to finally open the mysterious bunkers, including the massive Bunker 11. Inside Bunker 11 players can find tons of loot, the Mud Dauber MP7 blueprint, and a hidden nuke, which likely plays into an even larger Easter egg.

We recommend you open the bunker in Plunder mode, as you’ll be running around the map a lot, and respawning will make unlocking this Easter egg much easier. Here’s how to open Bunker 11 for yourself.

Note: We’ve yet to complete this Easter egg ourselves, and we’re using information from ProReborn and Geeky Pastimes on YouTube, as well as two maps from the Warzone subreddit.

Step 1: Finding the first phone

Bunker 11 guide map
The first phones you’re looking for are the blue icons on the map above, and the Russian code corresponds to the red icons and numbers
Image: Reddit user NoahJ456

When you first load into your map with your squad, you need to spread out around the map and check several phone locations. When you find the correct one, you’ll be able to interact with the phone.

After interacting with the phone, you’ll hear a brief message in Russian, followed by a mysterious tone. After the tone, you’ll hear someone counting in Russian. These numbers are different every game, and you’ll need to translate the code. The image above by user NoahJ456 has a helpful translation table, complete with the phonetic sounds each number makes.

After you’re done translating, you should have a three-number code.

Step 2: Find the corresponding office phones

Each number corresponds to a special phone on the map — which players have deciphered already via some Morse code.

Based on your Russian code, you need to interact with each of the corresponding phones in order. For example, if your Russian code translated to 9, 8, 3, your squad would need to visit the phone at The Dam, The Hospital, and then The Quarry. Use NoahJ456’s infographic above — using the red symbols — to find your phones.

When you interact with the correct phone in the correct order, it will make a few beeps in Morse code to let you know. Head to each of your four locations and find the interactable phone. It’s important to note you can do this with your squad all rolling together, or you can send individual members to each phone. Once your squad has interacted with all three phones in the correct order, and you’ve heard the Morse code for each, you can move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Enter Bunker 11

Bunker map Warzone
Bunker 11 is at the top of the map
Image: Infinity Ward/Activision via user LifeSelector_

After you’ve interacted with all three phones, you’ll gain access to Bunker 11. Go north and regroup with your squad at the bunker (you can see it on top of the detailed bunker map above). If you entered the code correctly, the light above the door should be green. Interact with the door to open it.

Inside, you and your team will find tons of loot and the MP7 Blueprint, the Mud Dauber. If one player picks the blueprint up, it will unlock for the entire squad.

Inside the bunker lies another Easter egg — in the shape of a nuclear warhead — that players are still trying to unravel. It’s unclear if players can currently complete this objective or just what will happen when they do.

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