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Ooblets guide: Where to find Oobsidian

You’ll need lots of it to upgrade your farm

A farmer looks down at a piece of Oobsidian Image: Glumberland via Polygon

In order to progress in Ooblets, you’ll have to find Oobsidian, an uncommon crafting material.

Oobsidian is used to build and upgrade Oobcoops, which you’ll need to expand your Ooblets storage and make a self-sustaining farm.

Oobsidian can be found in multiple ways. It is rarely found just sitting on the ground around Badgetown. You can also trade 100 Wishies for one via the Wishy Well, but since Wishies are also used for character upgrades, you’re better off saving them. The best way to find tons of Oobsidian is by breaking all the rocks on your farm.

Switch to farming mode while on your farm by pressing Q. Simply select the rock and hit the spacebar three times to break the rock open. This does consume a lot of stamina, but you’ll end up finding Oobsidian sooner than later. More rocks will spawn on your farmland, even during the same day, so you won’t have to worry about running out.

Putting Glimmering Ooblets in an Oobcoop will also yield Oobsidian from time to time.

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