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Ooblets guide: Where to find Clothlets and Clothplant Seeds

Clothlets are needed to make some of the most important farming items in the game

An example of a Clothplant seed on sale Image: Glumberland

In Ooblets, Clothlets are some of the most useful materials you can find.

You’ll need Clothlets to complete Tinstle’s Tasks and to make Oobcoops and sprinklers. Clothlets can be found as random foragable items around Badgetown or they can be grown from Clothplant Seeds.

Meed sells Clothplant Seeds, but they’re rather expensive, especially early on. We only recommend buying them on days when they’re on sale, if you really need them. Normally they cost 32 Gummies each, but you can nab them for 16 Gummies each on random days.

The other way to grab Clothplant Seeds is from weeding your farm. The thorny-looking weeds that tend to overrun your farm will sometimes yield a handful of Clothplant Seeds when you pluck them. They won’t always give you seeds, but it’s worth plucking all the weeds on your farm to check.

After getting your Clothplant Seeds, you should plant them within range of any Oobcoops you have. This will ensure that they stay watered, weed-free, and they’ll even grow a bit faster. Since Clothlets take three days to grow, the improved growth speed is important.

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