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Ooblets guide: What to plant first and general farming tips

Keep these tips in mind when farming

Ooblets Image: Glumberland

To progress in Ooblets, you’ll want to make a nice farm to profit off of.

There are many ways to set up your farm and there are lots of different crops you can grow. To get started, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you out.

Invest in Oobcoops instead of sprinklers

Oobcoops have multiple functions. They let you collect more Ooblets, and if you put Ooblets in the coops, they’ll essentially function as an automated farm for you. At the highest upgrade, Ooblets in Oobcoops will plant seeds, till land, water crops, harvest the crops, and get rid of any debris in the area. Crops planted around Oobcoops will also grow faster, which is a nice perk when it comes to crops that require many in-game days to grow.

Start planting Clothplant Seeds ASAP

An Ooblet farmer stands next to multiple Oobcoops Image: Glumberland

You’ll need Clothlets — the result from planting Clothplant Seeds — for many things. Some of Tinsel’s Tasks will require handfuls of them and you’ll need them to build and upgrade your Oobcoops.

Don’t bother paying full price for Clothplant Seeds from the seed shop. Instead, pull all the weeds on your farm and plant any Clothplant Seeds you find.

Prioritize your slower-growing plants around your Oobcoops

Since you likely will only have one or two Oobcoops early on, make sure you plant your slower-growing plants around the coops. Things like Lopauliflower Seeds, which take seven days to grow, and Clothplants, which take three days, should have priority around your coops.

Keep a small stock of all your crops

You’ll want to sell your crops for money, but hold on to a few of each of them. You never know when one of the citizens of Badgetown will request one, or you’ll need a byproduct of one of the crops.

Use flooring to protect your farm from debris, but don’t cover it all

A section of debris filling up a corner of an Ooblets farm Image: Glumberland

Stray rocks, branches, and weeds won’t grow on wooden pathing, so it’s a good idea to place some down to tidy up your farm. However, you’ll want to leave some space open on your farm for rocks and branches to appear. After all, you’ll need Nurny and Plankets to make certain things, and these come from rocks and branches. Getting rid of rocks and weeds are also a great way to find valuable resources, like Oobsidian.

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