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Ooblets guide: Best Wishy Well upgrades

What should you invest in first?

A list of possible upgrades in Ooblets on a purple menu screen Image: Glumberland via Polygon

In Ooblets, you can use Wishies, stars you get for completing various tasks, to unlock upgrades.

As you level up, you’ll unlock more upgrades from the Wishy Well. Some upgrades require prior ones to be unlocked first. For example, you won’t be able to unlock the third set of haircuts without unlocking the second set first.

For those looking to make the most of their farms, they should immediately focus on unlocking blueprints to upgrade their Oobcoops. You’ll eventually run out of space for your Ooblets, meaning you’ll have to build Oobcoops in order to get more. Upgrading them, rather than just building new ones, helps preserve farm space.

You’ll also have to spend 100 Wishies to unlock More Ooblets to appear. Finding more Ooblets means getting tons of Gummies from Rugnolia, so this is another worthwhile upgrade. Note: We don’t recommend unlocking more Ooblets unless you have some Oobcoops to house them.

For a whopping 300 Wishies each, you can choose to buy More Energy, a Bigger Farm, a Bigger Toolbelt, or Faster Run Speed. These are obviously worthwhile investments, though since it’ll take a while to use all your original farm space, we recommend putting that one off until you need it.

If you’re just trying to deck out your house in dope furniture, you’ll want to invest in unlocking more furniture options. If you want to be the most stylish person in Badgetown, you’ll want to unlock the hair and clothing options.

Players should avoid spending Wishies on resources like Oobsidian or Clothlets, since these materials can be farmed. You’re better off spending Wishies on actual upgrades to your character.

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