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Call of Duty Warzone guide: How to unlock Stadium’s board room for the Enigma Assault Rifle Blueprint

You’re going to want this blueprint

Geeky Pastimes solving the Stadium board room easter egg Image: Geeky Pastimes
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As of Season 5, Call of Duty: Warzone has yet another Easter egg — very similar to Bunker 11 back in Season 3. Just like with the bunker, this new Easter egg will net you a new blueprint: the Enigma Assault Rifle.

But unlike Bunker 11, getting into the Stadium board room won’t require a massive quest around Verdansk. Instead, you just need to grab three keycards inside the stadium and input a code. If you’re struggling, we suggest you complete this Easter egg in Plunder mode, which offers unlimited respawns.

Here’s how to get inside Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Stadium board room and collect the Enigma blueprint.

Note: We’ve yet to complete this Easter egg ourselves, and we’re using information from Geeky Pastimes on YouTube, as well as a map from the Warzone subreddit.

Collecting the keycards and opening the offices

To get into the board room, you need three keycards scattered around the Stadium, one on each floor: the parking garage, the concourse level, and the executive level. Geeky Pastimes recommends you split your team into three, and each player picks a level to search.

Each card has an individual name, determined by which floor it spawns on, and they glow blue, so they’re easy to spot. These keycards do not always spawn in the same location, so each player has to be diligent in their search. According to Geeky Pastimes, his team found them around pillars, in buckets, and all sorts of places (but never inside boxes).

Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium easter egg screen from Geeky Pastimes
You’re looking for that distinct, blue glow surrounding the keycard
Image: Geeky Pastimes

Spread your team out and collect each of the cards. Once players have the keys, they’ll need to use them to open specific offices. Note that you can see which keycard you have next to your health bar.

Door 1: P2-16 — the parking garage key

To get to the parking garage office, you need to follow the ramps down to the lower level. There’s an office in one of the corners of the bottom floor. Use your key to open the door and access the computer.

Door 2: CL-19 — the concourse level key

Find the bar on the concourse level. Take your key and open the door in the corner of the bar. Go inside and access the computer.

Door 3: EL-21 — the executive level key

Find a door not blocked by pedestrian ribbons on the executive floor (take a loop around the top floor until you find it). Use your key to open the door and access the computer inside.

Note: Geeky Pastime and his squad occasionally ran into an issue where some of the cards despawned. It’s not entirely clear how or why this happens, but try to get to them as quickly as possible. If you can only get two cards, you can still complete the Easter egg, but all three give you the best chance.

Deciphering the code

You can use this image to help you solve the puzzle
Image: User StrangerRobijn on the Warzone subreddit

Inside the offices, each player will access a computer. Once you activate the PC, a series of eight numbers and symbols will flash onto the screen in a very specific order. These codes change game to game, so write them down — you’ll need to decipher this code to get into the Stadium board room.

You’re trying to determine the value of the symbols here. For ease of use, we’ll use the same abbreviations as the image from StrangerRobijn and Geeky Pastimes: H for the symbol that looks like a house, N for the symbol that looks like a nose, and C for the symbol that looks like a Chinese character.

Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium easter egg screen from Geeky Pastimes
Eight symbols flash across the screen, and then repeat
Image: Geeky Pastimes

Once all three players have their codes, you need to line them all up and compare. The code is the same for all players, but different numbers are replaced by different symbols, and the symbol value is the same across all codes. You need to do some some light algebra to determine the code value.

Here’s an example:

Parking garage code: 1H34N678

Concourse code: C234N678

Executive code: CH345678

In our example above, C = 1, H = 2, and N = 5. We find this out by comparing the codes. If the codes are all the same, and the first character of the concourse and executive code is C, while the first character of the parking garage code is 1, all C’s must equal 1. Follow that logic for the entire code, and you’ll have values for every symbol.

With that done, rebuild the code with no symbols. So for our example above, our board room code would be: 12345678.

Opening the board room

Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium easter egg screen from Geeky Pastimes
The Enigma Assault Rifle and all of its attachments
Image: Geeky Pastimes

On the executive floor, you’ll find the board room. If you run around the top floor, you’ll come across some double doors down a very short hallway. The doors are locked, and you’ll need an eight-digit code to enter. Hey, we have one of those!

Note: You can kind of cheat here. Once you have most of the code figured out but you’re still trying to crack the final number, you can brute force that final digit just by guessing repeatedly. There’s no punishment for inputting the wrong code.

Input your code (or if you’re missing a symbol, input everything you know). If you do it right, you’ll hear a chime. Open the doors and enter the board room. Inside, you’ll find the Enigma Assault Rifle on the table. Pick it up to unlock the blueprint.

It’s possible players could discover something more to this Easter egg in the future, but at the time of this writing, you’re done. Head outside and try to catch some celebratory fireworks above the field. Congratulations on solving the puzzle!

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