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Spelunky 2 guide: How to activate the drill

What’s up with that giant drill in the Lava level?

A giant drill in Spelunky 2 Image: Mossmouth/Blitworks via Polygon
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While exploring the volcano in Spelunky 2’s second area (the one with all the lava), you may have stumbled upon a very interesting drill. What’s up with the drill? How does it work? Seems like it’s just hovering there, waiting for someone to flip it on, right? In this Spelunky 2 guide, we’ll show you how to get it up and running.

The key to getting the drill active is, quite literally, a key — specifically the gold key you find in the first area of Spelunky 2.

The key will be found in either level 1-2 or 1-3, but it may be off the beaten path a bit (and may require a bomb or rope to access). It’s always in one of these levels, though, so keep an eye out.

Once you have the key, bring it to this cave entrance pictured below.

Cave entrance for the key Image: Mossmouth/Blitworks via Polygon

Inside that cave you’ll find a chest containing the Udjat Eye, an item that first appeared in the original Spelunky. The eye works the same way here, allowing you to see gems and items hiding in walls. But it serves other purposes as well.

Once you have the Udjat Eye, you can proceed to the next area, taking the exit on the right side of 1-4 to enter the volcano.

We’re now looking for the drill, which will never show up on level 2-1, but can appear on any of the three other levels in the volcano. It’s always found at the top of the level, so whenever you start a new stage, try to walk left and right before dropping down to see if you can spot the telltale blue blocks of the drill’s enclosure.

The drill in the volcano of Spelunky 2 Image: Mossmouth/Blitworks via Polygon

Once you spot the drill, stand on the small block marked by a triangle pointing down. If you have the Udjat Eye in your inventory, you should get a prompt to activate a button there. Hit the button, and let the chaos of a massive drill do its work.

As for where the drill leads — good question! We’ll let you sort that out on your own. Just be careful about the lava falling on either sides\ of the hole you just made. So long as the lava is flowing at a trickle, you should be OK to climb down past it (even if it looks like it’ll hit you). But an occasional lava ricochet can absolutely end your run right here, so it’s best to make your time in the tunnel as short as possible.

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