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Persona 4 Golden Social Links guide

Where to find each of the game’s Social Links

Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 Golden stares forward Image: Atlus via Polygon

In Persona 4 Golden, the types of relationships you have with other characters matters. Several people throughout the game can form a bond with your character called a Social Link. These connections will grow with repeated interaction and will unlock more powerful Personas, abilities, and even story details as they level up.

This story was originally published in June 2020. We’re republishing it today for the release of Persona 4 Golden on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, where it’s available via Xbox Game Pass.

Growing Social Links with other characters may be as simple as speaking to them repeatedly throughout the course of the game, while others may require a more detailed approach. The key to growing a Social Link is picking the right responses in character interactions. It also helps having a Persona that relates to the Social Link you’re trying to grow, so keep in mind which Arcana you’re trying to level up and which Personas you have at your disposal.

As you grow your Social Links, your party members also benefit from the relationship by gaining new abilities, too.

Below we’ve created an easy-to-reference guide for each Social Link, the associated Arcana, and how to get started on obtaining that Social Link. You can start most Social Links by speaking to characters on or after certain dates, taking on certain jobs, joining certain clubs, or having certain stats at particular levels.

Persona 4 Golden Social Links

Character Arcana How to start
Character Arcana How to start
Marie Aeon Speak to Marie on 4/18 in the Velvet Room
Chie Satonaka Chariot Speak to Chie on 4/18
Hisano Kuroda Death After you get your Devil Social Link to Level 4, speak to Hisano at the Flood Plains on a Sunday or holiday
Sayoko Uehara Devil After 5/25, start working at the Hospital
Kanji Tatsumi Emperor After 6/9, speak to the girl next to the stairs at School then speak to Kanji
Margaret Empress Speak to Margaret in the Velvet Room after 5/19 while having Level 3 Knowledge
Investigation Team Fool Clear Yukiko's Castle
Naoto Shirogane Fortune After 10/21, speak to the man in black in the Shopping District, then go back to School and speak to Naoto. Requires Max Level Knowledge and Courage.
Naoki Konishi Hanged Man After 6/8, speak with Naoki three times while having at least Level 3 Understanding
Fox Hermit Speak to the Fox at the Tatsuhime Shrine on 5/5
Dojima Hierophant Talk to Dojima on 5/6
Adachi Jester After 5/13, find Adachi at Junes and choose to "Hang out with Adachi"
Seekers of Truth Judgement Starts on 12/3
Nanako Dojima Justice Speak to Nanako on 5/3
Rise Kujikawa Lovers Speak to Rise on 7/23
Yosuke Hanamura Magician Speak to Yosuke on 4/16
Ai Ebihara Moon After you reach Level 4 Strength, speak to Ai at School. If you have Level 3 Courage, skip classs with her.
Yukiko Amagi Priestess Speak to Yukiko on 5/17
Teddie Star Speak to Teddie on 6/24
Kou Ichijo (if you join the Basketball Club) Strength Join Basketball Club after 4/19
Daisuke Nagase (if you join the Soccer Club Strength Join Soccer Club after 4/19
Yumi Ozawa (if you join the Drama Club) Sun Join the Drama Club after 4/25
Ayane Matsunaga (If you join the Band Club) Sun Join the Band Club after 4/25
Eri Minami Temperance After 4/23, start working at the Daycare Center
Shu Nakajima Tower After 5/25, start working as a Tutor

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