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Super Mario Galaxy guide: Every Prankster Comet

Every Prankster Comet

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

There are a total of 120 Power Stars to find in Super Mario Galaxy. You’ll find most of them by just completing each of the game’s levels, but there are also 51 hidden stars to collect throughout.

In this Super Mario Galaxy guide, we’ll list the 24 Prankster Comet Power Stars. If there’s a trick to collecting any, we’ll explain that as well.

Prankster Comets

There are 24 Power Stars you’ll earn by completing Prankster Comet levels. While a Prankster Comet is in orbit around a galaxy, they’ll create a special version of one of that galaxy’s levels. There are five kinds of Prankster Comet that’ll you’ll encounter in Super Mario Galaxy:

  • Cosmic Comets require you to race against a cosmic (blue) version of yourself.
  • Daredevil Comets limit your health to one segment.
  • Fast Foes Comets speed up your enemies.
  • Purple Comets require that you collect all the purple coins in a level.
  • Speedy Comets give you a time limit for a level.
Super Mario Galaxy: Every Prankster Comet Star Image: Nintendo via Polygon

There’s a purple Luma in the Observatory who will tell you about Prankster Comets. That same Luma will also move the comets around for 20 Star Bits.

We’ll list all 24 of these Power Stars below, divided by the Domes where you’ll encounter them.

Terrace Dome

Good Egg Galaxy:
  • Speedy Comet // Dino Piranha Speed Run
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coin Omelet
Honeyhive Galaxy:
  • Cosmic Comet // Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
  • Purple Comet // The Honeyhive’s Purple Coins

Fountain Dome

Space Junk Galaxy:
  • Speedy Comet // Pull Star Path Speed Run
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coin Spacewalk
Battlerock Galaxy:
  • Daredevil Comet // Topmaniac’s Daredevil Run
  • Purple Comet //Purple Coins on the Battlerock

Kitchen Dome

Beach Bowl Galaxy:
  • Fast Foe Comet // Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
  • Purple Comet // Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Ghostly Galaxy:
  • Daredevil Comet // Bouldergeist’s Daredevil Run
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins in the Bone Pen

Bedroom Dome

Gusty Garden Galaxy:
  • Daredevil Comet // Major Burrows’s Daredevil Run
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube
Freezeflame Galaxy:
  • Cosmic Comet // Frosty Cosmic Mario Race — Make sure you spin and ice skate for some extra speed
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins on the Summit
Dusty Dune Galaxy:
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins in the Desert
  • Speedy Comet // Sandblast Speed Run

Engine Room Dome

Gold Leaf Galaxy:
  • Cosmic Comet // Cosmic Mario Forest Race
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins in the Woods
Sea Slide Galaxy:
  • Cosmic Comet // Underwater Cosmic Mario Race
  • Purple Comet // Purple Coins by the Seaside
Toy Time Galaxy:
  • Fast Foes Comet // Fast Foes of Toy Time
  • Purple Comet // Luigi’s Purple Coins

Garden Dome

Deep Dark Galaxy:
  • Daredevil Comet // Ghost Ship Daredevil Run
  • Purple Comet // Plunder the Purple Coins
Dreadnaught Galaxy:
  • Purple Comet // Battlestation’s Purple Coins
  • Speedy Comet // Topman Tribe Speed Run
Melty Molten Galaxy:
  • Daredevil Comet // Lava Spire Daredevil Run
  • Purple Comet // Red-Hot Purple Coins

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