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Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Recruit an Albion employee

How to get a person on the inside of Albion

Artwork of a crowd shot from Watch Dogs Legion Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft

In this Watch Dogs: Legion guide, we’ll explain why you should recruit an Albion officer early, where and how to do that, and how you’ll use them as you play.

Uniformed Access – Albion Locations

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can play as any character — including members of the enemy factions. One of the first enemy faction members you should recruit to DedSec is an Albion officer. Albion is the security force in London, and they occupy many (most?) of the buildings you need to infiltrate. You could sneak in, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could just walk through the front door?

If you recruit someone into DedSec who works for Albion, you can do just that. Look for people with “Albion” in their Occupation and Uniformed Access – Albion Locations in their abilities.

Where to recruit an Albion officer during story missions

Albion officer character Watch Dogs: Legion
Radcliff Smith is my spy on the inside
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Albion employees are everywhere in Watch Dogs: Legion, but most of them hate DedSec, meaning they’re unwilling to consider joining the cause, and recruiting them is difficult early. But you’ll come across an Albion member who helps DedSec just a few hours into the campaign. And this is your perfect moment.

During the “Lost in the Process” mission, you’ll meet up with a contact at the EPC. Follow the objective marker and infiltrate the makeshift slum. When you meet your contact, you’ll notice an Albion banner around their arm. Hold in the hack button to look at their profile, and save them as a potential recruit.

When you finish this step in “Lost in the Process,” exit the EPC and switch your objective to the recruit mission for your new Albion friend. Follow the objective indicator, which should lead you right to where your potential new recruit is idling. Talk to them, and they’ll give you a recruitment mission. Complete their mission like you would any other, and you’ll have a character that belongs to Albion.

How to recruit any Albion employee at any time

To recruit someone into DedSec, they can’t dislike DedSec (indicated by one or two red thumbs-down icons next to their name). If they dislike you, you can’t recruit them.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Recruit an Albion officer
The Deep Profiler tech upgrade lets you recruit people who don’t like you (yet).
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

However, if you purchase the Deep Profiler tech upgrade for 25 Tech Points, you can get around this. A Deep Profile gets you some insight into the person you scan and adds a brief investigative mini-mission for that person. Once that’s completed, your target’s recruitment mission opens up.

This is a great way to recruit any Albion employee whenever you want — it also works on police, Clan Kelley members, and random people who just don’t like you.

What can your Albion employee do?

The perks of your Albion officer depend on the person you end up recruiting, but all of them have access to an Albion uniform, which is what’s really important.

While wearing an Albion uniform, you can walk into any Albion facility without immediately setting off an alert. Hover over and zoom into a red area on the map to see if an Albion staff member is welcome there — you’ll see Restricted Area – Uniformed Access For: Albion or something similar.

But just because you walk the Albion walk doesn’t mean you’re invisible. If you get too close to a guard, they’ll notice that you’re being a little suspicious — a mechanic that’s similar to the recent Hitman games. If a guard is following you, or you need to get past them, you can tap the hack button to distract them with a phone call. This actually gives you enough time to interface with terminals, jog away, and even get out of the area.

While disguised as an Albion member, you can also sneak up on enemies and do a takedown before they realize you’re not on their side. And if you have the AR Shroud ability, their body will disappear and you can move on like nothing happened.

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