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Persona 5 Strikers guide: Fusion

Turn two Personas into one better Persona

Image: P-Studio/Sega via Polygon

The Fusion system in Persona 5 Strikers is complex, though if you’re familiar with the fusion system in Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal, it’s a slightly more simplistic version of that.

In Strikers, you can meet with Lavenza in the Velvet Room to fuse Personas together, creating powerful new creatures. With Joker’s ability to wield multiple Personas, you can truly make him the jack-of-all-trades with careful use of Fusion.

With careful use of Fusion, you can create an incredible roster in Persona 5 Strikers. Just know that it may take a little grind and a lot of time fiddling around in the Velvet Room to make the magic happen.

Here’s how to get masks and what Lavenza can do or you.

Earning Personas

Here is our current Persona roster inside of Lavenza’s menu
Image: P-Studio/Sega via Polygon

When you defeat an enemy in Persona 5 Strikers, there’s a chance that it’ll drop its Mask for you, allowing Joker to summon a version of that enemy as a Persona. When you pick up a Persona Mask, a few things happen:

  1. The Persona is instantly added to your current roster.
  2. The Persona gets registered in Lavenza’s registry, allowing you to pull them out if you need them later.
  3. If your Persona inventory is full, the Persona gets turned into PP (Persona Points) — used to fuel Persona upgrades.

Once your menu is full or you’re ready or some new Personas, head back to Lavenza in the Velvet Room (via the RV or by finding the jail cell door in whatever town you’re visiting).

Executions menu | Create New Personas

The Execution lists lets you choose the Persona you want
Image: P-Studio/Sega via Polygon

This is Lavenza’s most important menu, and the one you’ll spend most of your time with in Persona 5 Strikers.

In the Executions menu, you can take two Personas you already own and fuse them together into a more powerful Persona. Early on, for example, you may fuse Berith and Arsene together to create an Orthus.

The resulting Persona gets to inherit some skills from their parent Personas, so you can get some wild combinations of skills on a single Persona if you’re tricky. Think about passing a Null Fire Damage skill from generation to generation until you get it onto a Persona that would normally be weak to fire, mitigating that weakness completely.

Lavenza’s menu offers a list of Personas as potential results. Next to the list you’ll see Materials. This is how you know which parent Personas you need to fuse the Persona you want. Most Personas only require two sacrifices, but some late-game fusions require three or more.

This is pretty straightforward — you either have the Personas or you don’t — but there are two obscure rules that might trip you up when you’re Fusing:

  1. [Joker’s name] level is insufficient
  2. The base Persona’s level is not high enough

We’ll discuss both below.

Level is insufficient

This is super easy to grasp, so let’s get it out of the way: No matter how many Personas you have, you cannot create a Persona that’s more powerful than Joker’s overall level.

You may have the Persona’s to fuse a King Frost, but if that King Frost will come to life at level 66 and your Joker is level 65, you won’t be able to make him. You must level up (at least) once and come back.

This mainly happens when you unlock a super powerful Persona like King Frost or Seth via an optional boss fight — the game will point you toward these super difficult bosses via Requests later in the game.

The base Persona’s level is not high enough

As you strive to create more powerful Personas, you’ll need to sacrifice powerful allies. Persona 5 Strikers eventually demands that your parent Personas reach a certain level before you can fuse them.

For example, once you Joker is a high enough level to make that King Frost, you’ll need a level 40 version of Jack Frost and a level 40 version of Jack-o’-Lantern in your registry. For Jack Frost, that’s pretty easy — these enemies show up in the middle part of Strikers, so the Jack Frost you pick up just from playing the game is likely closer to 40 than not. But the Jack-o’-Lantern is one of the first enemies in Strikers, meaning it’ll take some work to get one to level 40.

There are a few ways of leveling up a Persona. You can manually grind it by playing Strikers while a Jack-o’-Lantern is either on your roster of Personas or is your active Persona, or you can upgrade it with PP using Lavenza. We’ll get to the Lavenza upgrades next, but it’s an expensive process to go from level two or three and get all the way to 40.

But once you’ve leveled up your Joker and your Persona materials, you can create your perfect Persona. Just don’t get too attached, because the new Persona you made will likely become Persona food for your next creation.

Persona Enhancement menu | Mask Fusion

You can level up your Personas without using them in battle — for a price
Image: P-Studio/Sega via Polygon

Persona Enhancement is another Lavenza menu. When you select it, Lavenza will show you your current roster of Personas — you’ll be able to hold more Personas as you progress through Strikers. Here you can delete Personas to earn some PP or you can select one you’d like to enhance.

At the start of Strikers you can only enhance a Persona by leveling it up, allowing you to spend PP to make your desired Persona more powerful without having to actually fight (note that you still can’t use this to make a Persona more powerful than Joker). As you progress through Strikers, Persona will eventually allow you to level up your Persona’s individual stats like Strength, Magic, etc.

The more powerful you attempt to grow your Personas, the more expensive it is. You can wipe out an entire playthrough’s PP on leveling up only a handful of Personas, so be careful how you spend.

Inmate Registry menu | Register/Summon Persona

You can register your Personas for later use in the registry
Image: P-Studio/Sega via Polygon

This is Lavenza’s final menu, and you’ll only need to use it in chorus with the other two. There are two sides to this one: the registry and the ability to register.

The registry

The registry is the most important part of this menu, so let’s look at it first.

The registry houses all the Personas you’ve found in the game, registered at the level they were when you found them. They also register with the same skills they started with. For a fee, you can purchase these Personas in their preserved state again and add them back to your roster.

Registering Personas

The ability to register Personas lets you override the Personas in your registry with a better one. It’s good idea to register a Persona if you’ve done a lot of work to them, like leveled them up a bunch or taught them new skills. When you register, the old version of your Persona disappears, and the next time to try to buy it back, it will be as the improved one you registered, not the original you found.

When you’re sacrificing Personas in the Executions menu, Lavenza will often ask you if you want to register the Personas you’re getting rid of. Unless you know you have a great version of both Personas already in your registry, say yes to Lavenza to keep your registry current.

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