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How to make coins quickly in Blaseball using snacks

Make money to support your team

Five snacks from Blaseball on a black background: Slushie, Hot Dog, Popcorn, Sunflower Seeds, and Snake Oil Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: The Game Band
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In Blaseball, coins run the game. You need coins to buy votes that change the game, and you need coins to upgrade your snacks, allowing you to make even more coins.

In this Blaseball guide, we’ll list a few coin-making strategies that we’ve found success with, so you can support your team and cast tons of votes during elections.

Blaseball snacks

There are tons of snacks to buy in Blaseball’s shop, with each of them serving a different function. For example, Snake Oil allows you to bet on matches, and Popcorn give you coins every time your selected team wins a game. There are more complex snacks, like Pickles, which reward you with coins every time your selected Blaseball player steals a base, and Ice Cream, which gives you coins every time a player gets incinerated.

The Blaseball shop’s snacks, as of season 16, which includes a plethora of different food, like apples, pickles, slushies, and ... voting tickets? Image: The Game Band via Polygon

Your inventory slots are limited, but you can buy more slots for 200 coins each. However, the more slots you have, the less gold you’ll make. Getting rid of slots increases your gold income heavily.

At the end of season, you’ll want a slot to buy Votes from the shop, allowing you to vote in the seasonal election.

General coin-making tips for Blaseball

No matter what your chosen strategy is, follow these tips to help you bring in the coins.

  • Don’t keep slots you’re not using. You do not need an open slot for votes during the season, and you don’t need to have the Cheese Board (which gives you Wills access) until the end of the season. Ditch those slots to increase your income, and rebuy those slots between the playoffs and election on Saturday.
  • Invest in either a pitcher or batter, not both. Since you can only keep one player as your Idol, either invest in batter-oriented snacks, like Hot Dog and Sunflower seeds, or pitcher-oriented snacks, like Chips or Burgers.
  • Remember to spend your coins before election, at approximately 2 p.m. EDT on Sundays. If you’re in the 1% of coin owners, you’ll be affected by the “eat the rich” decree, meaning all your coins will be given to the 99%.

Making coins from actively betting

If you are the type of Blaseball fan that actively watches the games every hour, invest in Snake Oil, which allows you to bet more money on games and, in turn, earn more money.

When starting out, bet only on the teams that have a high win percentage at or above 56%. After you start rolling in the coins, you can start betting on every game and putting money on whichever team is predicted to win, no matter the odds.

This strategy is great for new players, as it makes money fairly quickly.

Making money passively

If you don’t care to check in on Blaseball every hour, you can make pretty big money passively with an Idol who has good stats and some kind of buff that increases their coin gains.

To set an Idol, click on the preferred player and hit the New Idol button on their page. It costs 200 coins to change your Idol, and you cannot swap Idols while games are being played.

Batters who are on teams with a very small lineup are a good choice. For example, halfway through Season 18, the LA Unlimited Tacos only had four active batters. Many people were setting Rat Mason and Mcdowell Mason as their idols, because they would have to bat frequently and their stats were good. Lineups will change as players can be added and removed, so you’ll need to pay attention to the teams.

If you’re investing in a batter, buy Sunflower Seeds, which rewards coins each time they make a hit. Hot Dog is also a great snack to invest in, because it gives coins every time the player hits a home run.

A screenshot of a Blaseball inventory that only has Sunflower Seeds, Pickles, and Hot Dog.
I also have Pickles because I like eating pickles in real life.
Image: The Game Band via Polygon

If you get rid of all but two or three slots and at least have these snacks, you should make over 1 million coins in a season, easily.

All of that isn’t to say that these are the absolute best or only ways to earn money in Blaseball. The game is constantly changing. Players die and new players get buffed. These are, however, the strategies we’ve tested and found success with.

Update (4:16 p.m.): Nagomi McDaniel and York Silk have been removed from their respective teams after being voted as MVPs for too many weeks, giving them a Legendary buff. We don’t know exactly what this means, but we will update this guide with a new strategy once we figure one out.

Update (May 14): We’ve updated the idol-using strategy, giving up reliance on any specific players and instead focusing on a general strategy. You can’t get us this time, Blaseball gods.

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