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Resident Evil Village walkthrough and guides

Ethan Winters’ campaign, Goats of Warding, keys, plus our best tips

Resident Evil Village arrives triumphantly in 2021, crossing console generations and putting poor Ethan Winters through Hell in Romania.

In Polygon’s RE Village walkthroughs, we’ll take you through every step of the Gothic horror-inspired campaign. We made the kind of guides that we wish we had when we started playing. You’ll know where to go and what to pick up along the way (and feel confident that you don’t miss anything).

If you’re like us, then you’re looking for keys, puzzle solutions, lock combinations, where to go next, or how to retrieve whatever treasure those wells are hiding. Polygon’s RE8 guides are here to help you along every step of Ethan’s journey.

Getting started

Whether you’re a Resident EVIL veteran or a newcomer, our Resident Evil Village beginner’s guide will help you with tips on everything from conserving ammo to exploration to landing life-saving (and -ending) headshots.


Once you’re playing Resident Evil Village, we have walkthroughs for every section of the game. We’ll include every piece of ammo, lei, treasure, and crafting material you can collect, along with key items (like the Iron Insignia Key), lock combinations, and puzzle solutions. Any time there’s a boss fight, we’ll give you tips to help you survive.

Get started here with the introduction and Ethan’s arrival to the village.