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Mario Golf: Super Rush guides and tips

Mario Golf: Super Rush guides and tips

From duff shots to boss fights

Mario Golf: Super Rush is a whole lot more than just a golf game. Sure, there are plenty of modes that just drop you into a party game with friends or AI, but there’s also a lengthy story mode — Golf Adventure. Playing through the campaign teaches you about everything the game has to offer — including magic powers and boss fights. There’s a lot going on in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Polygon’s Mario Golf: Super Rush guides, will help you along every step of your adventure.

Our beginner’s guide and tips will help you focus on what’s important in each kind of match, along with tips about shift, spin, and leveling up your character.

Once you make it toward the end of the campaign, and Mario Golf: Super Rush introduces the more magical elements, we’ve got guides to help you collect the lob wedge and learn the way of the duff, as well as guides to the three boss fights — the Great Trials, the Sacred Flamebeast, and the Snow King.