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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles beginners guide, tips, and tricks

Seven tips to help you investigate and solve crimes

Herlock Sholmes (left) and Ryunosuke Naruhodo (right) in The Great Ace Attorney Image: Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is the latest installment in the Ace Attorney series, combining the two Great Ace Attorney games that never left Japan into one improved bundle.

The game follows the formula that Ace Attorney fans would expect. A murder takes place, and you’re a defense attorney whose client is innocent. You have to investigate the scene with the help of a quirky cast of characters and prove the defendant’s innocence in a trial.

For series newcomers, some of the tricks of the Ace Attorney trade won’t be as obvious, and trials can become frustrating when the evidence isn’t as obvious as you’d think. Enter Polygon’s The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles beginner’s guide, which includes our best tips new defense attorneys.

Fuss with your gameplay and text options before starting

The game’s default text speed is slow, so enable text skip, which allows you to speed up the text at your own pace. You can also increase or decrease the speed that the text autoplay scrolls at by adjusting wait time. You can access this by selection options from the main menu and then selecting gameplay.

Press everything in a testimony

If you’re getting stuck during a cross examination, press everything. This often leads to new information or testimonies being amended. You can press as many times as you want, so you can do this without fear of penalty.

Investigate everything

Look at everything possible during investigations, just like you should press everything in court. Things you’ve already checked out are noted with a red check mark, so you’ll know what you’ve seen in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Open and consult your court records frequently

An autopsy note from The Great Ace Attorney Image: Capcom

You can open your court records almost whenever you want during a trial, so consult them whenever you get a new piece of evidence. Examine and look at all of your information, as you never know if there’s something new hiding within a fresh piece of evidence.

Take your time solving the case

There aren’t any time constraints with cases, so if you’re stuck, take a deep breath and a step back. Take time to reevaluate your known information, and compare that with what’s presented in the testimony in front of you.

Save often during trials

If you’re worried about presenting the wrong evidence or making a wrong selection in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, just save before you do it. You can save at any time by opening the Options menu, so don’t stress too much about making the wrong choice.

When in doubt, use story mode

By bringing up your Options menu, you can turn on story mode during any time. This will replace the usual text autoplay with automated gameplay, so the game will present the right evidence and solve the case for you. This can be useful in tricky situations or if you just want to sit back and enjoy the thrilling mystery.

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