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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles guide: Episode 4 walkthrough

“The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro” puts all your wits to the test

Several photos on a blue wall in Ace Attorney Image: Capcom via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’ fourth case, “The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro” takes you into a trial that combines all the things you’ve learned from the previous cases. Our The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles guide explains the case solutions, noting when you have to present evidence, press for more information, and which jurors to set up.

Our walkthrough is as spoiler-free as possible, meaning that we will not write out the specific dialogue or choices. Instead, we’ll number them by the order they appear and let you know what to present or press. We understand that the Ace Attorney games are fun mysteries, and we don’t want to ruin that experience for anyone who just needs a little bit of help.

The steps below are broken up by the fourth case’s five parts. “The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro” has a bit of everything. You’ll need to chat with people, do a deduction with Herlock, and participate in a trial with a jury. You’re putting all the things you’ve learned from the previous cases to the test. We’ve listed out the steps you need to take in our spoiler-free walkthrough below.

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro Investigation part 1

  1. Converse with Stronghart.
  2. Examine the detective.
  3. Move to prison.
  4. Converse with Soseki.
  5. Move to Briar Road.
  6. Converse with Gregson.
  7. Move to Sholmes’s Suite.
  8. Converse with Iris.

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro Investigation part 2

  1. Present Iris’s Card.
  2. Move to Mr. Natsume’s lodging.
  3. Examine the sitting man.
  4. Move to Mr. Natsume’s room.
  5. Examine the desk.
  6. Examine Sholmes on the right.
  7. Converse with Sholmes.
  8. Move to the Garrideb’s room.
  9. Examine Sholmes on the right (again).
  10. Rotate the camera and examine the Photograph Frame behind the lion statue.
  11. Present the newlywed bride.
  12. Rotate the camera to see the maid’s hands and present the Wedding Ring.
  13. Rotate the camera around Mr. Garrideb and present the Slapped Cheek.
  14. Examine the card in the book and present the Love Note.
  15. Examine the candle holder and present the Candlestick.
  16. Move to prison.
  17. Converse with Soseki.

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro Trial part 1

  1. Press testimony 5.
  2. Select the second option.
  3. Present the Secondhand Book Receipt on testimony 5.
  4. Select the first option.
  5. Press juror 5.
  6. Pit jurors 3 and 5 against each other.
  7. Press juror 6.
  8. Pit jurors 2 and 6 against each other.
  9. Press every statement in the testimony.
  10. Present the Crime Scene Photograph on testimony 6.
  11. Present the Secondhand Book Receipt.
  12. Select the first option.
  13. Examine the The Fourth Book and inspect the burn on the back.
  14. Present The Fourth Book.
  15. Present the burn on the back of the book.
  16. Select the second option.
  17. Present John Garrideb.

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro Trial part 2

  1. Press juror 5.
  2. Press juror 6.
  3. Pit juror 3 and 6 against each other.
  4. Pursue juror 4 when she reacts.
  5. Press juror 4.
  6. Pursue juror 5 when he reacts.
  7. Pit jurors 2 and 5 against each other.
  8. Present the Jackknife.
  9. Press testimony 1.
  10. Press testimony 2.
  11. Pursue Patricia Beate when she reacts.
  12. Press all the other testimonies.
  13. Press the newly added testimony 5.
  14. Pursue Roly Beate with he reacts.
  15. Press testimony 5 (again).
  16. Present the Anniversary Bouquet on testimony 6.
  17. Present Roly Beate.
  18. Select the third option.
  19. Present the left sidewalk.
  20. Present the Warrant Card.
  21. Present Joan Garrideb.
  22. Press testimony 3.
  23. Pursue John Garrideb when he reacts.
  24. Select the first option.
  25. Examine the Pipe. Rotate it and examine the shard inside the Pipe.
  26. Examine the Jackknife. Open the blade and examine the tip.
  27. Present the Fragment of Metal on testimony 5.
  28. Present the Jackknife.
  29. Present The Fourth Book.

After you do this, the case will finish playing out and some post-trial stuff will happen, leading you into the fifth episode.

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