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Far Cry 6 workbench guide

Spend gunpowder and resources to create mods

A Resolver workbench in Far Cry 6 Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In this Far Cry 6 workbench guide, we’ll explain how to upgrade your weapons and install mods at Resolver workbenches, teaching you what each weapon mod socket does and how you can use them to modify your weapons.

There are dozens of weapons to find across the island paradise of Yara in Far Cry 6. While each gun can serve you well as is, you can also modify each firearm to your liking at a Resolver workbench. These stations are located at the bases you set up around the game. Once you learn how to find gunpowder, you can use that resource and other materials to craft weapon mods and upgrade your arsenal.

How to use the workbench to craft mods

The key to modifying how each gun performs is crafting attachment mods at a Resolver workbench. Crafting new mods requires a hefty amount of Far Cry 6 gunpowder as well as other resources you must scavenger for.

Each weapon in the game can receive modifications to three different parts of the firearm: the ammo socket, muzzle socket, and optical socket. By crafting new attachment mods, you can change how a gun behaves.

A look at a Resolver Workbench menu in Far Cry 6
A gun can operate different with different ammo
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Ammo socket mods

Ammo socket mods let you shoot different types of ammo with varying effects. As you scan enemies with your phone, you’ll learn that certain enemies take more damage from specific ammo types. Ammo socket mods let you change the type of bullets you fire which lets you deal different types of damage. For instance, armor-piercing rounds tear through armored opponents while soft-target rounds deal greater damage to unarmored enemies. Later in the game, you can even change your ammo type to shoot poison, explosive, and incendiary rounds.

Muzzle socket mods

The muzzle socket offers up a variety of different suppressors that affect what happens after you pull the trigger. Different suppressors can change how loud your gun is when it fires, how far each bullet travels, and how likely repeated fire will cause your gun to overheat.

Optical socket mods

The optical socket has a selection of different sights. These mods can turn your guns into accurate close-range weapons or deadly long-range shooters. For sniper rifles, you have multiple scopes that offer varying viewing ranges to line up shots from different distances.

If you experiment with weapon mods, you can fine-tune weapons you like without having to constantly switch to every shiny new gun you find. The upgrades can be costly over time, but since gunplay is central to making your way through Far Cry 6, a little modification can go a long way.

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