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Far Cry 6 guide: The best ways to fast travel

Capture territory and steal a helicopter

A helicopter in Far Cry 6 Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

In this Far Cry 6 fast travel guide, we’ll explain what to set up first before you can quickly teleport across the map and explore how to unlock fast travel locations as well as why you should steal a helicopter as soon as you can.

How to fast travel in Far Cry 6

There is a lot of ground to cover on the island paradise of Yara in Far Cry 6. While you can make your way on foot, via horse, or by car, there are faster ways to get across the land. Instead of physically traveling across the game’s open-world physically, the quickest way to get around is to fast travel.

Learning how to fast travel in Far Cry 6 is straightforward. As long as you’ve unlocked certain territories like bases or checkpoints, you can easily fast travel back to them (provided you’re not currently on a mission).

You can fast travel by opening up your map and finding a location that you control. For instance, one of the first places you can fast travel to is your base.

A fast travel point in Far Cry 6
Bases and places you’ve liberated become fast travel points
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Highlight the blue icon of a fast travel location and a small menu will appear. At the bottom of this window is a button or key prompt to fast travel. Hold down the highlighted button or key, and the game will load you into that location. If you want to fast travel to new locations across the map, you must either liberate new locations or begin building your Hideout Network.

Liberate bases and checkpoints

Throughout Yara, you’ll find plenty of enemy territory. There will be multiple enemy bases, camps, and military checkpoints along the main roads. If you defeat all the enemies at these locations they will become Libertad-occupied territory. Once it’s under your control, you can fast travel to them. You’ll know an area has become a fast travel point if it gains a blue icon on your map.

If you follow your main quests, you’ll eventually turn over multiple bases in the process. However, there are several smaller camps and enemy settlements you can take over.

A liberated base in Far Cry 6
If you liberate territory, you can fast travel there
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

As you travel across Far Cry 6, look for areas highlighted with red borders. These are enemy-occupied territories. You can defeat all the enemies at these bases to overturn them. You may also get smaller side missions that require you to clear enemy territory. These typically end with you taking control of that enemy space.

If your blue and white Libertad flags hang over the buildings and up their flagposts once all the enemies are gone, then that area is now a fast travel point.

Build the Hideout Network

After you clear the introductory island that serves as the game’s tutorial, you’ll begin exploring the larger landmass that makes up Yara. One of your first objectives is to build a base camp at Montero Farms.

One of the activities you can engage in at this base is constructing new facilities. Each of these buildings you create opens up new aspects of the game like fishing, hunting, and most importantly, the Hideout Network.

The construction desk screen in Far Cry 6
Build the Hideout Network to purchase fast travel points
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

When you first build the Hideout Network, not only will it give you access to the Wingsuit, but it opens up a facility on your farm that lets you purchase new hideout locations. These hideout locations are scattered across all of Yara. Each new hideout opens a fast travel point across the island. As you level up your Hideout Network, these mini-bases can also house vehicle spawn points where you can call upon transportation at will.

Steal helicopters

By the time you set up the Hideout Network on Montero Farms, you will have already driven a few cars and ridden a few horses. While these ground-based vehicles are a decent enough way to move across the map on your own, nothing beats helicopters.

A helicopter on a landing pad in Far Cry 6
If you find a helicopter, steal it
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

Several of the mid-sized enemy bases across Yara have helicopter landing pads. If you defeat all the enemies on the base and liberate it, you can use the landing pad to call a helicopter of your own. From that point forward, you can call a helicopter at any base or hideout that has a landing pad.

You could also just steal a helicopter at an occupied base and bring it back to a hideout or base with a landing pad. Any stolen vehicle you drop off at a base that you control instantly becomes a part of your inventory of rides.

Either way, helicopters are one of the most fun ways to travel across Yara if you’re not fast traveling. As long as you don’t fly over an area with anti-aircraft guns, helicopters can get you across the island with relative ease. Not only that, but the onboard machine guns and rockets can make short work of any enemy base if you want to set up new fast travel points.

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